Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
227: Colour and Style Q&A: What are the specifics for cheap jewellery? How to icorporate my darker greens into my wardrobe? What to wear when you’re petite and plus size?

In This Episode

0.08 In a video you said that you look at the details of jewelry to avoid buying “cheap”. What specific things do you avoid? What specific things do you want?
3.03 I want to incorporate my darker greens into my wardrobe but am having trouble working out the best neutral to go with them. My palette is “Elegant”: Value contrast medium/high, Colour contrast medium. Charcoal and greys seem to make the greens quite dull and my burgundy make me look like a Christmas decoration. Think need a happy medium, something that will give the green a “bite” without going too “carnival”. Is there a neutral that would do the trick?

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