193: Colour and Style Q&A: Relaxed casual and age appropriate dressing.

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0.08 I am a relaxed/casual, am a full-time working potter with a studio on our property, and live deep in the country. I am also 65, plus size and very busty. All my clothes are the same: pull on black knit pants, long sleeve cotton knit pullover shirts, trainers. The only variation is color. I’m very comfortable in them but bored. I could get dressed in the dark. I don’t go anywhere except the grocery store so have no need to get dressed up. Also no need for accessories at home; in fact they would hinder my work. (I could technically work in my pajamas, ha ha.) Our large vegetable and flower gardens necessitate even more grubby clothing. I also do not have much money to spend on clothes and only purchase on sale. Any suggestions to spark things up? Thanks.
2.44 My biggest challenge, now that I’m 65, is finding clothes that don’t make me look like my 88 year-old mother or my 20 year-old grandaughter. So many women just seemed to give up on fashion at a certain age. I’m also a Deep Autumn and it seems all the fashions out there today are better suited for cool complexions. When I wear color I often feel like it is wearing me!
5.21 Relaxed style here. I feel I should step it up and not be so relaxed.. Any tips?

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