Finding Patterned Garments with the Most Flattering Print Placement


Have you ever thought about print placement when you’re choosing a garment with a print or pattern?

What do I mean by this? Well when you look at the garment, where does the print draw your eye? What stands out and grabs attention?

Is the placement of the print flattering you or drawing attention to a part of your body you’d rather people didn’t notice?

How to Choose a Patterned Garment with Flattering Print Placement For You

When choosing a print or pattern, take all the garments with the same print into the change room, and notice how the print is placed on each garment and which is the most flattering.  Notice too what the print looks like, does it resemble anything else?  


I will always remember the fuss about this Wayne Cooper Dress after it was released and then a social media storm happened when people started noticing something about the print.


What you might notice is that the print, which goes up the body, does resemble female genitalia.  Maybe not the look you were after.

Notice the Negative Space

The negative space in a pattern is the space in between the print – sometimes this can draw attention to itself as well as elements of the print or pattern being focal points.


What are the Focal Points

Does your print or pattern create a focal point?  Notice where that is – where is the attention being drawn on the garment?  What is catching your eye?

Do the Blink Test

Do the blink test, shut your eyes and when you open them try and focus on your face, notice where your eyes are magnetically drawn to on your outfit and then you can decide whether or not that print is flattering you or not!


Being aware of the print placement, and how the print catches your eye, will help you make great purchasing decisions when choosing print garments (so you aren’t the one who accidentally buys the questionable print garment).

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Finding Patterned Garments with the Most Flattering Print Placement


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  • What a great post! I’m reminded of years ago when I purchased (online) a beautiful cardigan with a large hydrangea print. I ended up trying four different sweaters before finding the one that did not have a giant blossom over one breast. Thanks for the idea of the blink test, and for confirming that pattern placement is key!

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