190: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on petite dressing style, proportions, and style recipe.

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0.04 Being older and not very tall I struggle with knowing where and how to shop for my style
7.09 What is your opinion on the French/half tuck of tops? It works with my style recipe and it definitely improves proportions sometimes. But I always feel a little bit like I am trying too hard to look cool. Especially with button down shirts. Is this tuck a fad or a trend? Is getting the proportions right more important than anything else?
8.50 One of my big style struggles is having to decide each day what to wear. I don’t always have time to be creative, but wish the decisions were easier. Maybe that I had some more style options that I like or were easier to “go to” that I don’t have to fret through every morning.

Tips for Petites 

10 Long Legged Petite Dressing Tips

How to Find Clothes that Fit When You are Petite and Plus Size

10 Style Tips for the Voluptuous Petite Woman

The Art of Getting the Right Proportions

To Tuck or Not To Tuck – That is the Question

Where to End Tops to Make Your Hips and Tummy Look Slimmer

How to Half Tuck Using Your Belt Loop

Creating your Outfit Ideas

5 Easy Ways to Become More Adventurous With Your Style

5 Tips For Looking Stylish In Casual Outfits

How to Include More Interest and Unique Colour Combinations in Your Outfits

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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