Why You Need To Update Your Wardrobe Every Year


Why you need to update your wardrobe every year

Why You Need to Update your Wardrobe

Updating your wardrobe is so much more than just keeping up with fashion.

You don’t want to become a fashion victim for the sake of staying in ‘fashion’.  But you do need to be current, be updated, be modern.  Why?  Because it says that your ideas are modern.  It says you can deal with change in this modern, fast-paced world.  It says that you are not a dinosaur, but instead are forward-thinking.

Why would you want to be seen as forward-thinking and able to deal with change?

Well, so many businesses these days have to make changes.  When they are deciding on which staff to let go of, they will shed the ones first that they feel will make the most noise about the change.  The ones who will have the most difficultly dealing with change.  The ones that are old-fashioned.

They will keep the ones who look like they are keeping up with the times (and of course, their work is up to scratch).  What you wear communicates and you want to communicate that you are one of the ones they should keep (and promote).

Floral skirt with boots in winter
Here I’m wearing brooches, some antique, some new, but in a cluster which is a more modern way of wearing smaller brooches. I’ve also included the current oversize trend with this Gorman merino top, but over a slim skirt (Forever New) to keep the rule of the principle of volume.


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Take Action

Take stock of your wardrobe.  Maybe it’s time to let a few of those old-favourites go if you’ve had them more than 7 years.

Update your hairstyle – do this at least every 5 years.  If you’re holding onto a hairstyle you’ve had most of your life, this could be dating you to a time when that hairstyle was common and in fashion, but now looks old and dated.

Update your wardrobe every year.  Not the whole thing, a few pieces, in the current silhouettes (of all the fashions out there, which are many, choose those that flatter your body shape and represent who you are).

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  • Hello Imogen
    I am having to review all my wardrobe as a result of losing 20 kg in weight , over a year plus. As a short / petite (at 5 feet 2) O or Apple body shape, fit and scale are now an issue.
    Previously waterfall longer cardigans suited, but wonder if the extra fabric is a bit too much for my smaller frame
    – so would you recommend classic cardigan styles with buttons undone,with a cotton vest or Tshirt underneath?
    Are Crew scoop or V neck cardigans better than waterfall styles?
    Tshirts and knits worn next to the body, plain styles or dense small patterns?
    Inner or outer column of colour?
    If wearing a soft blouse is it better with a soft lightweight scarf or a necklace?
    Hope you can sort out my confusion, but I don’t want to spend money on the wrong styles when restyling my current look after all my hard work !
    Thanks for any help.

  • hi i agree about keeping current, i see you like to wear a short shrug, i gave most of mine to a charity shop as here in the UK they seem to be no longer in fashion, can i ask what do you think?.

  • So much of what is modern does not suit my A Shape and age (77). Leggings with tunics make me feel like I look like an ice cream cones. Midi dresses to the lower calf are dowdy. Short dresses 2 or 3 inches above the knees feel immodest.

    I hope that I am able to update my classic style with accessories, but I am concerned that what I have settled on as my best look may not be keeping up with the times.

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