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If you’ve been reading Inside Out Style for some time, you’d be aware that I believe that personality is the most important part of your personal style.  This is because your clothes are your second skin.  They shield you (or expose you) from the gaze of others.  They communicate without you saying a word.  They express who you are or how you’d like to be seen.  They express your values and your roles in life.  They can even express your beliefs.

I’ve seen how putting on a stylish outfit can literally change a woman’s posture and attitude to life.  When you look good, you really do feel better about yourself, posture changes and so can so much more (this I’m 100% sure of, given the feedback I’ve received from those doing my Evolve Your Style, 7 Steps to Style and Ignite Your Style Genius programs).

That something that we do every day (get dressed) has such a powerful impact on not only our own psyche but others interactions with you as well, means that style is more than skin deep.

Style is a window into your soul.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you my latest project – 3 years in the making and a labour of love and passion for my co-creators (Jill Chivers and Jane Kise) and me.

The Psychology of Style Unlocked

In this video, Jill Chivers and I discuss more about Style Types and some of the background to how 16 Style Types was conceived and more about what you’ll find inside your Style Types Report.


Style Types is your new window into your inner core, into the heart and soul of your style.

Style Types reveals your style DNA.

What’s inside your report and how does it help?  Well here I’m going to hand over to one of our testers who has helped us ensure the validity of what we have created and shares her experience:

“The Seven Tips for Stylish Self was an excellent overview of things to think about and consider and many that I’ve thought about but never wrote down in concrete terms. I plan to pin that up as a reminder page to keep my style genuine to my personality.

The 5 Strength and Weaknesses section was validating in my good areas and clearly illuminate my challenges. Criticism is something my personality struggles with, as explained, but the way those challenge areas were written helped me not “stiffen up” inside but rather I could read through them and own up to these problem areas. Several of them are clearly problems for me and I really appreciated knowing why now and not thinking so badly about myself. Not as a crutch or victim of my personality but more of a recognition of my tendencies and being mindful of pitfalls and ways to combat these tendencies. 

The Seven Keys to a More Stylish Self portion was also helpful in understanding how I put together my wardrobe and why and also my challenges in letting go as well. Likewise how I approach the rules and why I like parameters is helpful in understanding why I will never be a flamboyant dresser even as I admire others who just go for it.  Again, I can only assume the other personality reports will spell out these truths as well and create much-needed clarity and reinforcement of our values so the inside is reflected well with our outsides. Allowing us to get to that point I think will be easier for gals with their personality profile as a guide.”  Sara

Style Types is the final key to unlocking your style.

People have tried in the past to relate style to the 16 personalities as defined by Carl Jung and refined by Myers Briggs, but until this point, nobody has done it with any accuracy or this level of understanding and refinement.  And we know why – to create these reports has taken over 2 years of rigorous research and validation of the information.    The feedback we’ve had so far has confirmed that what’s inside your report is what you’ve never been able to find before – anywhere:

Creepily accurate! Did you get into my head and read my thoughts?? Wow, thank you!  – ENTP

Goosebumps!!!  Tears of joy having my INFJ challenges clarified and clear solutions offered. – INFJ

Awesome job!  It is so thorough and so interesting and I found it very practical and useful! –  ESTJ

Wow. It was more accurate for me and in more ways than I’d have expected. It clarified so much about why it often felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. It’s not that I lacked STYLE, I simply had one all my own that didn’t show up in magazines, in corporate boardrooms, or in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Go figure! – INFP

16 Style Types Launch Special Offer

Because I love you all and want you to experience the value in getting your Style Type Report (and you don’t need to know your psychological type already – we’ve developed a clear and simple Best Fit Type Process to help you discover your Style Type), I want to give you a massive discount so you can get your Style Types Report straight away.

If you use the code STLAUNCH at the checkout – you’ll get your Style Type Report (and any materials we create in the future such as a video that gives you deeper insight into your Style Type) for only $25 instead of our regular price of $47.  This promo code is valid until 30 June 2018.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our 16 Style Types website and discover your Style Type.

And you’ll also be able to follow our Facebook Page here too!

Discover Your Personality Style with 16 Style Types


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  • This morning I had laid out a pair of trousers that I was going to wear later for an appointment, and three different tops to choose from – intending to make the final decision in the last minute. Then I sit down to read the latest blog post here. This new concept sounded so interesting I had to try it. What do I learn? With my letters being ENFP I’m showing a typical approach for my style type. It’s like you’ve invented a new science, and I see a potentially huge success! The Style Type Report is packed with tips on how to develop a personal style, and I’m looking forward to working with the guidelines. Great job all three!

  • Thanks Imogen, Jill & Jane, after some dithering about how introverted I am, I settled on INFJ. The information was very recognizable – I laughed out loud a couple of times. Leaving gaping holes in my wardrobe because I haven’t found the perfect thing… Drifting into frumpy land when I fail to shop or can’t find what I like… and having several orphan Hero pieces in search of a background. Thanks for more great advice. I recommend this for anyone who wanting to delve into lifting their style game without sacrificing who they really are.

  • I just wanted to say that the style report is a great way to pinpoint your style type and troublespots. I knew I was an INFJ but went through the whole process again just to make sure. The report made me laugh at myself, I sew clothes due to body shape variations and tend to be fussy about fit and fabric, so rarely shop for basics. I’d really recommend the style report, for improvement I would have liked to see more storefront examples.

  • I am sooo excited about this. Since going through my MBTI Profiling a year ago I have thought about how I can express my type (INTJ) through my style. I’ll make myself a cup of tea now and read my report. Thanks so much for this! <3

  • I swore off MBTI discussions and then discovered this enlightening approach to dressing. (INFP here) This really made my THINK in a completely new way about style. I’d already done the Style Statement book, which had become my “gold standard” for figuring out what I wanted. But then when this came along I made a whole list of my internal VALUES that affect clothing preferences. My focus had been on what I love in the world, but I never thought to list values concerning clothing before. It explained a lot of personal confusion between “What CAN I pull off?” and “What makes me feel right?” Gosh, that made everything so simple. Thanks so much.

  • Wow! I have been interested in Myers Briggs and style for so long now! I had an inkling you were both interested in psychological type as I have watched your videos over the past few years. I have been vacillating between thinking I am isfj or infj for years now, and hopefully your site will help me decide! I’m so excited. Thank you for doing this.

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