Why The Foundations You Choose Are So Important


why the foundations you choose are so important and how to choose the right ones

Answering another reader’s question about choosing underwear (aka foundation garments) Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I tackle this subject in this video blog post.

The Most Important Aspects of Choosing Great Foundation Garments

Finding the right fit – how to fit a bra – tips here.

Choosing the right shape of bra for what you’re wearing – tips here.

Your underpants may need to be a size larger than your regular clothing so they don’t bind and create lines.

Choosing shapewear to go over your underwear if it’s necessary for a smoothing line – my shapewear tips here.

Getting the right colour so that your underwear isn’t the focus of your outfit (unless that’s a totally planned look that you’re sporting 😉 ) which we discuss in the video.

More tips on choosing the right underwear:

K is for Knickers

All About Bras

How to Choose Flattering Underwear

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  • Hi

    I found this very helpful and reassuring as I also prefer underwear to be practical and comfortable . My own is a sea of beige and black with a couple of lacy sets that are worn very infrequently

    My biggest problem is that although my bras fit well I have very narrow shoulders and my straps slip. I even tried one with an adhevisive type grip but it fell off too. Any suggestions I did see an idea to cross straps at back and pin but I felt this would be visible. Balcony or bras with straps wide apart are a complete non starter so I try to go for ones with straps not to wide apart and tighten up straps without having them digging into me but still not much better

    I would love a post on socks etc I struggle with foot liners and hate pop socks as they are I n my view old lady socks

  • Panties–anything that sits at the waist and has high cut legs and is plain smooth fabric. A few dark pair and a few light pair. Bras are a different story. I have a very good lingerie store that has been able to fit me in a style that does not slip off my shoulders and supports my generous figure. Besides black and nude, I like to have at least one red/orange/hot pink range bra because I have tops that a bright warm bra blends well under. My favorite style has a full coverage cup that looks like it is satiny lace but has a completely smooth silhouette under knits.

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