Why Size Doesn’t Matter and More Weekend Reading


Why the size of your clothes doesn't matter - it's about fit - and sometimes a larger size will make you look slimmer

Some great tips on why it really doesn’t matter what your clothes “size” is, it’s all about fit (and that will vary from store to store).  Sometimes the larger size will make you look slimmer!

Want to go to a thrift store but unsure how to find the best bargains?  This great guide of 10 Tips for Thrifting will have you sorted out in no time.

My gorgeous friend Cintia of My Poppet made a fun coin purse that looks just like fairy bread – here are the instructions on how to make it!

Want to get your accessories sorted out and displayed and in easy reach?  Here are some great ideas to try.

Here is a great list (and I’m included) of websites to help you be dressed in a work appropriate manner over at Classy Career Girl.

Get yourself some well fitting underwear and your clothes will look so much better. Here is a great guide to assist you.

Want to get more style inspiration?  Don’t want to dress like a teenager?  Then check out Not Dressed as Lamb’s list of 12 Style Bloggers Over 40 You Should Know (and I’ve featured a few of them here already in my Stylish Thoughts series!)

I enjoyed the simplicity of Une Femme’s thoughts on style here.

And finally, my friend Tracey Cleantis published her book on how to let go of what is not working and become happier.  Go check it out!



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  • Imogen, I met you last year at the DC, AICI conference, and follow your posts. I’m new to this and find your videos very helpful. I have a couple of questions:
    1 – Does measuring body proportions differ for petite women? I’m 5’3″ and 105 pounds. Based on the 7 section measurement, I’m short torso and short legs. I’m thinking everything is relative to proportion, so maybe the rules do not differ for petite people.
    2 – Your video shows you measuring your head to chin, but can’t tell if you have the tape measurement curved around your face. If so, that adds length, and shouldn’t it be deduced?
    3 – Are there different rules to measure men?
    Thanks so much!

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