How to Choose a Toenail Polish Colour When Travelling


The other morning I was in the bathroom removing my old toenail polish in preparation for a new colour when my daughter came to ask me what colour I was choosing to wear.  When travelling you want maximum mileage from your colour so I was in a small quandry as to which colour to choose.

choosing nail polish colours

I had two colours out to choose from, blue and pink and I was thinking about which I’d go with as I’d be away in Dubai, wearing mostly open toed shoes, and wouldn’t have time to change it while I was there.

My daughter, who has decided that when she grows up she too will become and image consultant (she loves the idea of shopping for a living plus loves playing with my enormous professional makeup kit) said to me, “well if you went with the pink it would match your lipstick and if you chose the blue it would always work with your eyes”.

Choosing a  nail polish colour

I ended up with the pink (had been wearing a shade of blue previously and felt that I needed a change). But thought it was funny that she’d picked up the concept of finding a nail polish signature colour eye or lip enhancer shade without any training!  And of course it’s always easy to wear an eye enhancer  or a lip enhancer (the pink or for many a red shade).

How to Choose a Toenail Polish Colour When Travelling

When you are travelling, you can of course match your polish colour to your outfits and if you’ve packed a smaller capsule with a colour scheme then this is a great option to choose.  If you’ve gone a little more varied, then choosing a signature colour is an easy way to have a flattering shade of polish, no matter what you’re wearing.

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