How I Packed for Dubai the 2nd Time Around


An inspiring blend of sophisticated luxury, authentic Indian heritage and contemporary style – Taj Dubai is a world-class destination. Experience great Indian hospitality at the shores of modern Arabia.

I consider myself to be incredibly blessed. I have a gorgeous husband, fabulous kids, and I make my living pursing my passion for fashion and style.

I work with gorgeous clients in their wardrobes.

I teach amazingly talented people to become personal stylists and image consultants.

I write this blog and share with you wonderful people everything I’ve learned and continue to learn about how to have style, both inside and out.

Inside Out Style has expanded from being a how to dress blog to one that now includes wellbeing, travel and lifestyle elements too, as we are all whole people. This blog has taken me places and allowed me to meet just a few of my great blog readers on my travels (and I do love to meet you!).

Travel is a true blessing, it allows me to experience other cultures, their arts, architecture, food, environment and of course style and fashion. It expands my ideas and creativity.

Today I arrive in Dubai for the second time, with thanks to Dubai Tourism and Nuffnang who have arrange my trip. Most people think of Dubai as a stop-over rather than a destination, but I can tell you that there are so many things to do and places to see, even though I spent 6 action packed days here last year, there is still more for me to see and do and share with you.

Packing for Dubai

This time of year the weather in Dubai is beautiful. Dry and warm, but not super hot (like it can be in July). Pleasant to be outside.  The temperature ranges from around 25C – 30C and as it’s a dry heat it doesn’t feel overly hot.

Given that our itinerary includes daytime activities plus evening activities I usually have to have two outfits per day, on the occasional day, three outfits are required which is why I’m taking more than I might for other shorter trips.  Plus as it is hot, I can’t keep wearing the same tops as I won’t be doing washing so I can only wear each item once.


Packing for Dubai what I took

I’m taking a selection of dresses, pants and tops this time (as well as swimmers).  Some of the activities I’ll be doing while I’m there include:

As you can see quite a varied itinerary which requires a few different clothing items!

To show you how I choose and pack my accessories.

I photograph each garment with the accessories I plan to wear with it.

Laying out accessories to pack

I then pack each outfit’s accessories in a little organza bag which keeps them together.

Laying out accessories to pack

So when I’m at my destination and unpack it’s very easy for me to either slip the little bag over the coat-hanger of the garment so when I’m getting dressed in the morning I don’t have to think about which accessories I’d plan to wear with it – it’s all there for me ready!  Plus separating the accessories means that they are less likely to get tangled and caught up in each other.

This is my makeup palette that I use daily and is so ideal for travelling. It includes a cream makeup, mineral powder, blush, cake eyeliner as well as a range of eyeshadow colours (that I also wear as eyeliner).


Travel makeup palette from Inside Out Style

You will see lots of blog posts about my experiences and I’ll be sharing the whole outfits in these posts, so stay tuned!


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This post is part of a Nuffnang native advertising series.

An inspiring blend of sophisticated luxury, authentic Indian heritage and contemporary style – Taj Dubai is a world-class destination. Experience great Indian hospitality at the shores of modern Arabia.


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  • It will be fun to see how you you wore everything…Great idea about keeping jewelry for each outfit in a separate bag and hanging the bags over the hangers…Bon Voyage…

    • I second that about the tiny jewellery bags. If your itinerary is less structured and not always seeing the same people then having co-ordinating jewellery together would still be good. Have a great time.

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