How To Style Your Loose Tops with a Rubber Band – The Kimtuck Revealed

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Kimtuckbefore and after

This is the dress that was the inspiration for using a rubber band to restyle tops and dresses to create more shaping, visual interest and a change of hemline. This method saved a number of my clothing items from the recycling bag. Thanks to a colleague this technique has been named the ‘Kimtuck’
After losing some weight my favourite dress looked rather shapeless and unflattering. While playing with the fabric by pulling, twisting and moving it about I had a light bulb moment – ‘What if I tied it on the inside with a rubber band?’
The dress on the right above shows the result of much experimenting. I loved the result and started experimenting on different tops and tunics.
I am an H body shape and do not have a defined waist so my aim was to create the illusion of some definition of shape. My narrowest point is at the top of my ribcage under my bust so that is approximately where I wanted the rubber band to sit. This creates a ruching effect.


Kimtuck step 1
Place a finger where you think tying off might work. This is all about experimenting and redoing.

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  • This is such a great idea. I have many dresses which are straight down, shapeless and I need waist definition as I’m an 8. Will be trying this out, the only downside is the fact that it makes the top/dress come up shorter!

  • Hi Imogen

    As always I love the ideas and insights from your blog. I have a question – do you have a Spanish version?
    Everywhere I go I find myself mentioning snippets of wisdom gleaned from your site and I love to recommend people to check you out for themselves.
    Recently I was on holiday in Mexico making new friends – some bi lingual but with parents with only one language – not English. I would love to direct them to your site but they need Spanish.

    As a work around I plan to email daughters with links to good articles so they can practice interpreting from English to Spanish for their mothers but if you already have Spanish versions that would be great! Hence the long question…
    Also a chance to say thanks again for your blog and happy new year and congratulations on your marriage.

    Thanks Deb

  • Thanks Imogen, another brilliant idea which I have passed on to my very tiny Mum, who often finds things too long. On a separate matter can you recommend any organisations in the UK who carry out accurate, colour/tonal analysis. I have viewed a number on line but am not sure which would be professional and accurate.



  • A stylish friend showed me this same great trick for altering the length on long flowing dresses or skirts when you want to wear flats instead of heels. Just use the rubber band trick on both sides of the dress or skirt but at different heights so it looks more funky.

  • If you are an H body shape, your hips might be another narrow place that you could gather fabric.

    I have an O body shape and when I was 20 pounds thinner I could gather a long t shirt on one side at the hem using a rubber band, but now my stomach is no longer flat enough to do this.

  • Excellent idea. I love it!

    It’s so simple! I’ve been searching for shaped tops for a while without much success. I think this could save a lot of my tops!

  • I put a Quarter on the outside of the shirt, then flip to get the inside and use a rubber band to secure the quarter. The coin helps keep the rubber band from slipping.

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