Why I Love Being an Over 40 Style Blogger


why i love being an over 40s style blogger

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The secret (well not so secret) is out, I’m over 40, in fact I’m well over 40, much closer to 50 than 40 these days and I love blogging about style for women who are in a similar situation.

Sure I know that many of you are under 40, and so many are well over 40! But when I’m writing I’m thinking about the women like me, over 40, little time for themselves, but who want to look great but often feel lost and unsure. I know that was me before I took my image consultant training course and learned just a little of what I know today.

We don’t have perfect ‘model’ bodies, they are regular ones that have had kids and have been fed more chocolate and wine than they maybe should have (but life is short and a girl has to have some fun). I know all those frustrations that women have when they shop and get dressed. I have felt their pain a million times myself. I know what it’s like to have a non-manufacturing standard body shape that doesn’t suit many of the fashion trends.

Imogen Lamport - why I love being an over 40s style blogger

This blog is a testament to having spent over a decade working with women of all ages and stages, all bodies and colouring, all personalities and lifestyles. I have learned so much from each one of you, plus I learn from every question that is left in the comments or emailed directly to me from you my readers.

I love being a real person, with a real and regular body, and you can see over the years I’ve gained and lost weight, changed my hair colour radically, had a breast reduction (the anti-boob-job as I call it) and have evolved myself over time.

With the little maturity that has come with my age, I feel more confident in myself in my 40s than I ever did in my 30s (and particularly not my 20s). I never felt stylish pre-40s. Funnily though, when I recently attended my 30th Anniversary reunion of the Canberra Youth Orchestra people commented that they felt I’d always had style (sure with my hand painted shirts, nasty 80s perm and all the clothes I made myself, it was some sort of style) but I never felt like I had that kind of in-built style that some people seem to so effortlessly achieve. I never felt stylish.

Imogen Lamport over 40 style blogger

I feel that my style has come from learning and playing. Trying things out, analyzing what does and doesn’t work, and then trying something else. The photos help too to see whether or not an outfit seems balanced or not.  By sharing what I know and have learned I hope that you too feel more confident and stylish and just a little more like you.

My reality is that I spend lots of time sitting on my behind working from home in front of my computer when I’m not seeing my personal styling clients. I certainly don’t have a glamorous life (my life is not anything like the TV show Fashion Bloggers) and I rarely get invited to parties or events (though I’m open to invitations!). I do try to dress well every day, occasionally you’ll find me sitting here in my exercise clothing, but not often. I know that when I dress in a way that pleases me, I know feel better and am more confident, even if the only people who see me that day are my family, and of course myself when I catch a glimpse in the bathroom mirror.  I understand the power of style.

Celebrating women and style, who we are as we grow and change through our lives is my aim. Sharing the Stylish Thoughts of women from around the globe (and how much you love reading them) is one of my pleasures. Helping you discover who you are and how you can express that through your personal style so that you look and feel great, have more confidence and credibility in all that you do is my mission.

Imogen Lamport over 40 style blogger

When I was growing up  I was told that clothes are shallow and unimportant, yet I know just how deeply what we wear influences how we feel.

I know this is true, as I’ve seen it over and over.

I started this style blog back in 2008 with the idea that if no one read it, it would be a good place to download what I’d learned helping my personal styling clients. It has become so much more than that for me. Blogging has transformed my life, opened up opportunities both personally and professionally, and given me and avenue to help so many more people than I could ever possibly consult with in person.

Imogen Lamport over 40 style blogger

I grew up reading fashion magazines where all the models were under 20 and super slim with long torsos and legs (and that’s pretty much still the same today). There were very few style icons for women over 30, let alone 40, 50 or 60.  I love that blogs are full of photos of stylish women at every age with every body type, they show that style is not about a number or a style, but an attitude. When I started I never published photos of myself (cos I sure ain’t a model) but taking photos of myself has helped me define, refine and be more bold in my own style and has given me a confidence in myself, that I didn’t have before.  If it could do that for me, then I know that even in a closed environment like the Evolve Your Style and 7 Steps to Style facebook groups, publishing photos has given many of you a new confidence and understanding of your styles.

I don’t want you to copy my personal style, but I do want to influence you to discover your own, what makes you feel confident and empowered, appropriate and gorgeous.

That’s why I love being an over 40s fashion and style blogger.

Imogen Lamport over 40 style blogger

Now I’d love to know, who are your favourite over 40 style bloggers?  Please leave a link in the comments to the blogs you love to read.

And just so you know, the outfits in this post are what I really wore this past week.


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  • My favorite over-40 bloggers are:
    1) Buttercup’s Frocks, http://buttercupsfrocks.tumblr.com, because she is not thin, wears dresses, and loves colors and prints.
    2) Señora Allnut, http://mrsallnut.blogspot.com/?m=1, also for her use of color and pattern.
    3) Helga Von Trollop, http://helgavontrollop.blogspot.com/?m=1, because she is marching to her own beat, makes a lot of her clothes, and has a deep love of retro fashion.

    I’ll add you, too – I did not realize you were over 40! I love the lighter outfits you’ve been wearing lately.

  • I love your blog. I have been following you for many a year and I have to say I have learned so much from you. I love seeing how your style has evolved. Keep it up. I don’t always comment but this time I wanted to say “thank-you” for all of your hard work I know I do appreciate your thoughtful posts.

  • You’re the only style blogger I follow, Imogen. No one else does what you do and you have made such an impact on my style confidence. Thank you!

    I’m quite happy to be over 50 and don’t wish to be any younger. The trade offs for life experience far outweigh the perks of youth, if you ask me!!

  • Love your blog and passion for fashion. I just turned 60 and when I grow up I will still be having fun with style and fashion. Glad to have met up with you on this fabulous journey.

    • Thanks so much Lisa – and meeting you in Chicago has been a highlight of my blogging experience (along with all the other lovely readers who I’ve had the privilege of meeting on my travels)

  • Thanks so much for your blog. I am just 70 and enjoy reading the articles. I still want to look stylish, and benefit from reading and being kept up to date. Keep on helping us, it is the rich part of life-giving to others.

  • I can only agree with what has been said! The quality of the information displayed on your blog is fantastic. As well as your 7 Steps to Style course! Keep up with the good work.
    Thank you Imogen!

  • Love your blog, love your style, love your hair, love your smile, and love your attitude! I wish every woman, 40+ and well beyond, had the confidence to dress however makes them happy and expresses their style the best. I just found your blog today, and really enjoy it.

  • Dear Imogen,

    I’m 25 years old now, but I have never related to the 20-something style bloggers. Honestly you’re pretty much the only style-related blogger that I follow other than http://mysuperfluities.blogspot.com/. Thank you for all the work that you do! This year I’ve been feeling especially stylish due to 7 Steps and Evolve and am looking forward to the fall! I feel exactly like you do that style comes from learning and playing around with your wardrobe. I’ve felt my style changing already after looking at my recent outfit photos for summer and will be tweaking my style recipe to reflect that.

  • Imogen, I love your style and have followed your blogs for quite a while. I am over 70 heading towards 80 and don’t know how much longer I have to go – but am enjoying being more in control of the clothes I choose and not wanting to have masses of them as I have had in the past, which was very confusing and waste of cupboard space. I love the photos of you in your different outfits – please keep showing them they are very inspiring.

    • I think it’s fabulous that you at your age still think about your style Margaret as there is still much life left in you and dressing up starts at the age of 5 and never stops – so you may as well enjoy it and have fun with it.

  • Your blog is my favourite Imogen: hope you continue and grow older and more stylish with the rest of us. I recently allowed my natural grey hair to grow out and am embracing my 67th year with as much authenticity and style as I can with your inspiration. Thank you Imogen.

  • I’m certainly much more stylish in my forties than I have been when younger (largely thanks to your blog). Your comment about exercise wear and your recent post about dressing up reminded me of this funny Aussie Youtube clip about women who wear their gym clothes all the time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYRENWT8lz8 . Check it out, it’s hilarious (and short).

  • I have been following your fantastic blog for several years and must say that you are so knowledgeable and generous in sharing information with your readers. I especially love your videos (Jill Chivers is great!). Other blogs I follow regularly are: 40+style (Sylvia); You look fabulous (Angie Cox), Grown and Curvy Women (Georgette), A Key to the Armoire (Suzanne), No Fear of Fashion (Greetje),and so many more wonderful blogs. There are some terrific ones out there. (But I love yours best!!)

  • I read your blog all the time, though I don’t comment if I don’t feel I have anything to contribute or I read it a week later. I follow your blog because you always have something interesting to say, I was very interested with your hair colour change posts and the breast decrease. Oh and i enjoyed your holiday business trip posts. I do read other blogs, some I follow for a short while and then I lose interest, others tweeted my interest to start with then I don’t read posts.

    • You are welcome to comment years afterwards – I see them all! Most people don’t read what I write the day I write it! Thanks for reading and coming back over and over!

  • I am 29, but looking back, my wardrobe and what I wore was so different before being acquainted with your wonderfully informative and educational blog. I feel I have a style now. Not only do I trust your judgement fully, I also respect you being so liberal and giving either your clients or anyone who wants to learn from your experience leeway to find themselves. I’ve had so many people over my life giving unsolicited advice and directing harsh criticism at something I wore just because they didn’t like it. Through your blog I care less and have become more conscious about dressing for myself, rather than for others! Thank you a million times for your blog Imogen!

  • 40 IS FABULOUS! I tell my younger friends this all the time. I could not agree with you more. I, too, have always loved fashion, but I am now more creative, cinfident, and courageous about how to wear it. It is so much fun. I also made my own clothes in the 80’s. They were probably awful then, too. Thank you for sharing your experience and great style.

  • You are unique among style bloggers in the depth and breadth of authentic, useful information you provide. You’d be the first of my recommendations to anyone looking to understand, develop, and improve their style. Fan forever.

  • Hi Imogen. Just come across your blog and I just love it. Its exactly what I have been looking for. One of my frustrations in looking for a blog for the over 40’s is not being clumped into the 40 to 100 age bracket! 45 is just not the same as 70!
    Keep up the good work. Look forward to all your advice.

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