Tips for Going Grey and other Weekend Reading


How to Grow Out Your Hair to GreyAfter my topic of finding flattering colours when you have warm skin and grey hair I thought I’d find some more reading on the topic of grey.

Cindy shares her tips on how to go grey successfully.

Lauren shares her tips on dealing with the emotional aspect of going grey

Susan shares her lessons learned in a year of going grey.

And Sue shares her tips on packing for a week in London in May and taking only hand luggage – what she’s learned and how she felt about the experience.

Mette shares her thoughts on why she feels the lure and the need of new garments in her wardrobe even though she plenty to wear already.

Want a DIY project? How about decorating or blinging up your shoes?

And if you love pearls – here is a post about wearing them.

Sal shares  her tips on how to avoid looking dated which is important as we grow older if we still want to be seen as current and modern (particularly important in the fast paced changing work landscape)

What have you loved reading recently?  Share your favourite blog posts in the comments.


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