How To Combine Patterned Tops with Scarves


how to mix prints and patterns in scarves and topsHi Imogen
I love your articles and especially enjoyed the article ‘what to wear when you’re retired’, it was so helpful. Have you got any styling tips to match either a striped t shirt or animal print t shirt with a scarf? I don’t seem to be able to get it right. Thanks Libby

Here are some tips on mixing patterns of scarves with tops.


mixing a patterned scarf with a print top


When mixing a stripe (geometric) pattern with a scarf, look for a pattern that is either more sparse and non-geometric.

You can mix stylised prints with naturalised prints.

Animal prints are a dense print, so work better with a more sparse print on the scarf, but they are also a curved pattern so can work well with other curved patterns.  Look for colours in the scarf that work well with the colours in the animal print.

Also consider wearing a print that is tonal/monochromatic (one colour) with a multicoloured patterned scarf, but the colours in the patterned top must be in the scarf.



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  • Hello Imogen, I was wondering if you would consider doing some articles on those of us with grey hair. Everything I see is for cool toned people (I´m enigmatic) which isn´t cool cool. Thanking you in advance!

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