How to Choose a Wedding Dress

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how to choose a wedding dress

Do you have advice on choosing a wedding dress? Picking one is a struggle… colorwise, they are often icy white (not easy to wear).  Shapewise, when long, they are either very voluminous or very straight… many thanks!!

Colour – Choosing the Right White

There are so many versions of white available (you can read another post here about choosing a white).  Crisp, icy whites are very cool.  Cream and winter whites are warm.  Then there are a plethora of soft white and ivory shades in between to choose from.  When choosing your white, look into a mirror in good natural lighting, without over opening your eyes and notice the whites of your eyes.  Try and match that white.  Warm people tend to have a slightly yellower white.  Some cool people have a bluish white or greyish white, many other people just a soft, just off-white will work really well.

A personal colour analysis will also guide you in finding your best white – you can get one as part of my 7 Steps to Style program (no matter where you live in the world)

Next let’s look at finding the right shape for your body.

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