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I’m delighted to introduce to you today the Stylish Thoughts of Canberra (Australia) based image consultant (student of mine) Kim Williams of Individually You.  Kim has also been taking part in my Evolve Your Style challenge – proving that everyone can benefit from stepping back and taking a moment to reflect on their style and try some new things!

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What is the secret to great style?
Great style comes in many different forms and looks. It is not about who is wearing the most expensive clothes, has the most clothes in their wardrobe or the latest fashion trend. First and foremost it comes from within – defining who you are and how you want to dress to express yourself. It is truly individual and involves the creation of a visual image through your clothing that tells the story of who you are. It is a total look of balance and harmony with the wearer and it says I accept & value the person that is me and I am comfortable and confident. When I see someone with great style I always want to look twice and take in the whole picture. You are your own masterpiece – start defining and creating your style now. Great style is fun, endless and always evolving.

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What is your current obsession?
I always have a couple of obsessions. The first one involves using a rubber or elastic band to restyle some of my clothing to create more shape through ruching, changing the hem line or just to create some visual interest. Over the last month I have rescued a number of clothing items from being discarded.

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This season I have become obsessed with the idea of combining different coloured prints and patterns to create outfits. I have a number of black and white mix and match items but only one coloured mix and match outfit. Have pinned images on my mood board and will just keep looking till I find the right ones. I don’t give up looking for what I want.

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What’s your favourite shortcut to style?
Accessories, Accessories, Accessories – the super heroes of my wardrobe. I never leave the house without putting on earrings, necklace or scarf (depending on the season) and lipstick. These items can transform the simplest outfit up a level. Shoes also make a difference and I love wearing coloured shoes.

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Do you have a signature piece or style?
My hair is an important part of my signature style – it needs to be short, edgy and cut in an asymmetrical style. Necklaces and earrings are part of my everyday uniform and if these elements are not present in my look I do not feel comfortable or right.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style has been evolving over 4 decades. The common thread over this time has always been to create a look that is different and uses colour and shapes in a fun playful way. I don’t just get dressed every day but need to create a look that expresses who I am and appropriate for the activities of my day. I enjoy experimenting & finding ways to look creatively comfortable wearing colour and shapes that drape and have a sculptural layered appeal. The words I would use to describe my style include different, artinistic, layered, sculptural, asymmetrical and FUN. I enjoy what I wear.

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The one piece of advice most women need but don’t get?
You are never too old or too young to play dress ups. Take some time to play, experiment and discover the hidden outfit treasures in your wardrobe. By taking one item of clothing and finding combinations that make different outfits you will extend the versatility of your wardrobe and have fun. Don’t forget to look at your accessories and shoes as well. You can change the look of an outfit just by changing the accessories and shoes. Take photos of the outfits you love so you can remember them.

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received?
Coco Chanel once said “The best colour in the world is the colour that looks good on you.”
What a difference colour can make to how you look and feel. The outcomes from having a colour consult went far beyond my expectations. My colour swatch ‘Elegant’ from Absolute Colour System is my friend and always steers me in the right direction. Wearing colours that complement my complexion makes me look healthier, brighter and more vibrant. It also resulted in an increase in confidence and positive thoughts with regards to my self image as well as creating a much more coordinated wardrobe. For me it has been life changing both personally and professionally.



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  • I loved reading your thoughts on style and your clever ideas on restructuring your clothes to conform to the way YOU want them to be. Always fun to watch how you put colors and prints together!

  • Kim’s visually exciting ensembles lean towards the artistic. Striking and unique outfits that are true to her creative personality and very modern with the soft curves and bold lines.. I am certain Picasso would agree! I love Kim’s style and through exploring new silhouettes, colors, and patterns she had carved a new path for us to follow. Loved this interview and her rubber band ruching….what will she think of next….I can’t wait to find out!

  • I have admired Kim’s strong, unique style from the first pictures she posted on Evolve Your Style. Her artistic combinations of accessories impressed me as well as her color combining. I have learned many useful ideas from Kim and look forward to future posts.

      • I’d be v interested in this too. Not just aesthetically pleasing but can give waist definition (which I really need- I’m an 8) many a garment of mine is now hanging down straight and shapeless on me and not always a fan of belts. Did she post the details on her own blog? What is her own blog? as the link above doesn’t work 🙁

  • Love Kim’s strong style, she has a way of using accessories and colour to create a unique look. Having long admired that Picasso cushion, I realise there is a reflection of Cubism in Kim’s style through her use of colour and angular shapes. And thank you for reminding me that you’re never too old to play dress ups!

  • Wonderful interview. I especially loved Kim’s secret to great style. Kim has a real flair for accessories and sense of her own style.

  • Kim, I remembered you were featured by Imogen in “Stylish Thoughts” and went searching for this article so I could read it, albeit a few weeks late. Love the idea that we are never too old to explore and experiment with style! Your necklaces, btw, are works of art!

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