What to Pack for a Casual Weekend Away


Hi Imogen- love the site -such great ideas and at the same time very practical! On that – I was wondering what you would suggest for weekends away? I often go away at weekends and take in some walking or sightseeing so I tend to bring my trainers with me (suitable for walking and not always high fashion!)- anyway would you have any suggestions for how to out together outfits for these sort of weekends but would also be stylish enough that looks good if you popped in to a coffee shop/restaurant or bar – I tend to look like I am heading for the gym when I put these outfits together! Many thanks 🙂

what to pack for a casual weekend away

A casual weekend away can involve a few different activities. Sightseeing can mean lots of walking.  Ideally  you want to be comfortable, but still look stylish (then you won’t look like a tourist either and be a target for pickpockets).  Ideally (depending on the season) wear jeans and some shoes that are comfortable for walking, but nothing too chunky.    You may want to pack some other flat shoes that have a little more style for going out in the evening too.

Look for a jacket that has both comfort and style to pop over your outfit if it’s cooler.  Knit fabrics are ideal as they allow you to move easily, don’t crush too much for packing, and are comfortable to wear.   Ensure they are smooth and better quality knits so they look smarter.

Don’t forget to consider the level of refinement in choosing what to take.  If you want to look smarter, try and have most of your clothing at a level 2 rather than level 3.


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  • What a great post. It made me reflect on just what I have learned from you, Imogen. I just came back from a weekend in Melbourne that involved all day shopping on Saturday at the DFO’s (relying heavily on my colour swatch), an evening comedy show at the festival, two nice dinners in great restaurants and then Sunday at the International Garden Show before an afternoon flight home. I managed it all in one carry on bag and was very comfortable and felt stylish throughout it all. As it turns out I didn’t need my jacket or cardigan which is a FIRST! Oh and I highly recommend jeans with some stretch in them – Thomas Cook make some great ones. They were perfect in providing style and comfort.

  • Hi Imogen. Thank you for the awesome posts about packing!!! I just wanted to reenforce what you said about your colour analysis being really helpful for travel packing, I’m off to England for four weeks and packing was really easy because now I use my colour fan, all my clothes ‘go’ with each other and with me! I’m the most coordinated ‘Elegant’ traveller and my case was only 15 kgs 🙂

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