7 Essential Items to Wear When Going Clothes Shopping


What to Wear ShoppingToday I’m off on a personal shopping expedition with one of my lovely clients.  Me, I’m wearing comfortable flat shoes and a knit dress that’s easy to move in.  I always carry a shoulder bag rather than one I need to hold with my hands.

One of the things people often don’t think about before hitting the shops, is what is the ideal outfit to wear.

What to wear shopping

1. Wear separates (not a dress like I’m wearing). Why? Because if you need to try on just a top or bottom, it’s good to have another garment on so that you can see the piece in context, rather than standing there in front of the change room mirror in your underwear trying to imagine the piece in context, or having to scour the store for a top or bottom to try the garment on with (which sometimes they may have nothing that you like or fits you).

2. Wear clothes that are easy to take off and put on. You’ll be getting in and out of them multiple times. Jeans are not the easiest garment to try on clothes with. I often find a knit skirt is ideal as a garment for your bottom half.

3. Wear your best nude underwear – you don’t want your bra colour distracting you from the clothes you are assessing (learned this one when shopping for a wedding dress wearing a blue bra!).

4. Wear a white or black cami. It’s then easy to try lower cut garments over the top.

5. Wear comfortable, but easy to take off and put on, shoes (just like the clothes, you’ll be getting in and out of them, having to buck or lace things up gets tiring pretty quickly.

6. Make sure your jewellery doesn’t snag easily.  Earrings and necklaces, bangles and bracelets can all get caught as you’re dressing.  Often it’s easier to pop your accessories into your handbag as you shop so that you don’t have to worry about getting caught up or losing them.

7. A hands free handbag.  When you’re picking up coathangers, carrying clothes and bags, having a bag that doesn’t require one hand makes it that much more pleasant an experience.


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  • This post has some great suggestions, Imogen. I particularly agree with the taking off tight jeans to try on clothes. I almost feel like I am removing a layer of skin when I do this. I work p/t in a shop and many women buy clothes without trying them on just to avoid the discomfort of removing their clothes.
    By the way, the more I see you in the blonde hair the better I like it. I would love to see some videos with you explaining how you have adjusted makeup and clothing choices because of this major change in your coloring.

  • All very good points to remember before going shopping, I need to take note of these before I leave home.
    i love your dog, she has such a beautiful face.

  • Excellent advice for trying on clothing! A skirt can also provide additional modesty if the changing area happens to be somewhat “al fresco” (aka an outdoor fete, flea market, etc). Ditto with the layered tops. I also like to wear a simple necklace and have a scarf or complimenting belt in my bag to see what the item(s) will look like with accessories. And this might seem obvious, but I’ve found it’s always easier to assess the overall effect with light make-up and well-groomed hair vs. the bare face & ponytail routine. Even in terrible dressing room lighting, these steps can make an amazing difference!

    • Yes – forgot to mention that you want to do your makeup and hair so that every time you look in the mirror you don’t feel crap because that horrible change room lighting!

  • Fantastic list. These are similar to the guidelines I give myself when planning a serious shopping expedition. One thing I would add to this list would be to spend a bit of time doing your hair and makeup. It’s sometimes to hard to get a good idea of how the outfit will look if your face and hair aren’t looking the part.


  • Great suggestions. I know I sometimes take things home w/o trying on because it’s too much trouble to get the clothes off.
    Can’t believe how beautiful you are looking, Imogen! The weight loss is really noticeable now, and your lighter hair really suits you. And even your expressions on your face look younger, sort of coy and flirty. Keep up the good work!

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