Have an Attitude of Gratitude


Be grateful in April

Tomorrow is the First of April. This marks the start of Grateful in April, a month-long campaign which encourages people to actively seek out the good in their lives.

Research (University of California) has found that counting your blessings is an integral part of health, happiness and well-being.

Experiments have shown that those who kept gratitude journals reported fewer health problems and felt more optimistic and motivated than those who noted the negative or did not do either.

Having an attitude of gratitude causes changes in the brain that improve mood, it reduces stress levels and can improve your metabolism and sleep too!

I challenge you to take become grateful in April (I’ve already started a year long gratitude journal on my Instagram account, which you can follow along with @ImogenLamport).

I’d love to see what you’re grateful for, so please tag me in your Instagram (@imogenlamport) so I can enjoy the positive elements in your life.


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  • Hi Imogen

    I read your blog because of your great fashion advice, but I also love your attitude to life. You are such a smiley person, and seeing your big lovely smile on your posts never fails to cheer me up. Thanks!

  • I always try to remind myself just how lucky I am next to many who are really suffering. We all have so much we can be grateful for but sometimes life gets in the way and we get overwhelmed, angry or frustrated about things.
    On an other note, you look super in this photo, Imogen. Your skin tone seems a little tanned and works so well with your new blonde hair. Part of me still loves the brunette on you because I felt it was very dramatic and stunning but I admit you look great with the blonde coloring as well!

    • Rebecca – sadly not tanned – think it’s just the lighting when I took this photo – shows you how much photos are not a particularly accurate representation of colouring!

      So glad that you’re feeling grateful for what you do have!

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