How Does Your Body Language Influence Your Life


How Does Your Body Language Influence Your Life - Amy Cuddy TED talk

Image is more than just what you wear.  It’s all about the ABCs – Appearance, Behavior, Communication.  Body language is just one of those elements, but according to research is incredibly important in how we are perceived and even how we think and behave.  Find out more in this really interesting TED talk.



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  • Imogen, I am really enjoying these videos. They are great for the weekend. I work with many trainees in the medical field and am thinking of creative ways to share them with the group! Thank you.

  • What a great and powerful video. Thanks so much for sharing this. I had never heard of these TED talks before and will look for these again. Have you ever heard this speaker before? She was amazing!

  • Imogen – Thank you for sharing this. I work with teenagers with learning disabilities. They often have very low self-esteem. I frequently use the phrase “Fake it ’til you make it.” But I absolutely love “Fake it ’til you become it!” It is great to understand the science behind our body language and to see the poses that can make us feel confident.

  • Love “Ted Talks”, when I need to laugh, spirit uplift, support in any way, there is a Ted Talk to fit the occasion.

  • This is an exellent post. I am a High School Teacher but have worked as a Stage Manager for Musicals. To prepare them well we always demanded that the cast begin every rehearsal with a physical ‘warm up’ that entailed a series of moves beginning with deep breathing, slow stretching and after some isolation exercises and free form work, a vocal warm up. Body language is as much their medium as the music they make and the way to communicate the character they assumed. The awareness that this routine developed after 6 months brought about amazing personal change for many. How challenging it must be for film and stage actors to adapt to the varied roles they play over a lifetime and still maintain their own ‘character’!

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