Packing for a Week in the USA


packing for travel

Packing for a trip to the USA

I’m in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA for an AICI International Board planning meeting this week, plus I’m training some US based trainers in the Absolute Colour System – so if you want to learn how to do colour analysis with my system the International Image Academy is the place to go! (Or if you want a colour analysis too!).

One of the hardest things about travelling is packing. Even though I’ve done so much of it, I still have a moment or two as I’m figuring out what to take where I have doubts. Particularly when I’ve never been to the location and I’m not really sure what the weather will be like. Humidity makes temperature feel very different to a dry heat. Will the nights be cool or warm? Do they over-air-condition every building or is it all more temperate? These are just some of the unknowables for any journey.

packing for USA
My process for packing is to lay it all out on the bed, make sure that there is mix-and-matchabilty for the garments, ensure I have something that can be dressed down and dressed up as I’m never 100% sure of what I’m doing and what is appropriate.
Have some layers that can be put over the top of my clothing in case it’s chilly either inside or at night.
Ensure my shoes are versatile. One of my issues when I travel is that when I go from winter (as it is in Melbourne now) to summer (as it is in Minneapolis now), that my feet will suddenly swell up and shoes that normally are comfortable, suddenly give me blisters. So having some shoes that are looser is important.

sally already pretty
I also consider what I’ll be doing while I’m there. This week I have 1 day to recover from the journey (and I finally got to meet the gorgeous Sally from Already Pretty), do some sightseeing and acclimatize – so I’ll need something comfortable buy still my style, shoes that are great for walking in for longer periods of time.
Then I have 2 days of AICI International Board meeting in offices – so I need office friendly attire, suitable for an Image Consultant (there will be photos taken!). I like a shoe with a heel for these days, particularly as much of it will be spent sitting.
After that, 2 days of colour training, so I’ll need to be comfortable but stylish, I’ll be wearing flat sandals these days.
Then it’s time to travel again, first back to Los Angeles where I get to catch up with my lovely blogging friend Sue from Une Femme d’un Certain Age, and then a late night flight back to Australia, where comfort is key, and I need a really comfy shoe to walk the distance in the airport terminal and stand around in queues.
As it will be hot, and I won’t be doing washing, unless it’s a little hand washing in the hotel room, I’ve brought a few tops which allows me a little more freedom.
I think about the colours I’ll be taking – you can see I’m working with blues, greens, purples and pinks as they easily mix and match. As it’s summer time, I’m not taking black in the way I would if it was winter.
The other thing I do before I pack is co-ordinate my jewellery. I take a few pieces that can tie different garments together (such as the blue and pink bangles). Plus I’ve thrown in a scarf that has a pattern that also can tie colours together and add a little extra warmth in case I’m cold air-conditioning in my meeting.

What are your packing tips?


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  • I do pretty much the same as you for packing. Lots of layerables. You’ll be in my hometown – hope you have a great time! If you have any extra time, get someone to take you to the State Fair.

  • In the warmer months, I like to take dresses in comfortable fabrics that can be easily rolled up, and then steamed in the hotel room in necessary. That way I can dress them up or down depending on the situation. For winter, I will take a couple of pants that can be tucked into my tall boots, and mix/match tops and scarves. The boots work for almost anything and they zip on/off, so they are great for going through security at the airport easily.

  • I usually take separates, with maybe one dress for the evening. I do the same as you: I put everything out on the bed and make sure that each top will go with several if not all of the bottoms. I usually take at least one outer layer (my next holiday is here in Spain so I will only take one jacket or cardigan) and again I make sure it will go with the other clothes. I pack one smart pair of shoes with low heels and several pairs of comfortable shoes for walking, plus accessories and scarves to pull my outfits together.

    I hope that you have a fabulous time in the USA and enjoy meeting your fellow bloggers. I’m not jealous – honest!

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