This is Where I Blog from – How About You?


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Where do you blog from?

This past week has been super busy for me. My office, which is in my house, and is a pretty large room, has just had new carpet installed (the carpet that was there was 18 years old and pretty manky!).

I had to pack everything in the room up and move it downstairs in preparation for the carpet to be laid, and then move it all back again. It was a great opportunity to do a tidy up too.

Fat Mum Slim recently asked the question “where do you blog from” and so I thought this an ideal time to show you my office space, so when you read my blog you can now envisage what I’m seeing when I’m sitting at my desk.

iphone 18-8-2013 982

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I also see clients here and do our image consultant training. As you can see that the room allows for plenty of great natural light- with all those windows!

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Though, as i write this post, my view is of the seat back in front of me as I’m on the plane to Los Angeles on my way to Minneapolis for an AICI International Board planning meeting.

Where do you blog from?   If you’re a blogger you can also head to Instagram and add your own photo, just add the hashtag #whereiblog in the caption.




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