Capsule Wardrobe Week – April Style Challenge


Out of these few garments from the Emerson at Big W range, you can create 72+ outfits!
This wardrobe capsule of 12 garments creates 72+ outfits!


This week I”m challenging you to wear a capsule wardrobe for a week. And it’s a smallish capsule of only 10 garments plus accessories and shoes (I’ll let you have as many of those as you like!).  Why not see if you can get through to the end of April (just over a week) with your wardrobe capsule?

What is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a selection of garments that all go together, that can be mixed and matched, so that you you get maximum value from each piece.

I’ve written pieces on wardrobe capsules and how to create them:

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How to work your wardrobe capsule

When creating your capsule for the next week, first of all check a weekly weather forecast so you’ve got that aspect covered, sit down with your diary and figure out what you’ve got on, and then look into your wardrobe and work out which clothes will work for your lifestyle, what’s appropriate for each occasion.  Try putting together the garments in multiple ways, you may end up dismissing some items and finding others that will make the capsule more flexible.  I’d suggest your capsule look something likes this:

5 – tops (or dresses or a combination of both)

2 – bottoms

3 – jackets/cardigans/sweaters

= 10 garments which make 30 possible outfits, and you only need to wear them for 7-9 days!


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  • I was glad for the tip to check the weather forecast first! It’s going to be cooler by the weekend, so I changed my wardrobe mix to reflect that. Capsule wardrobes are, of course, just what we need when packing for a holiday. I love all of your garments, Imogen. May I borrow them when I go on holiday?!

  • I’m on business travel this week for 7 days, with approximately this many clothes, so I will be doing this anyway!

    My capsule:

    1 green long sleeve tee
    1 grey 3/4 sleeve tee
    1 multicolor cowlneck sleeveless top
    2 tank tops (lilac, black)

    1 pair black dress trousers
    2 pencil skirts (grey, plum)

    1 grey blazer
    1 purple cardigan

  • I just did this for a 2-week cruise! I had a few more pieces but really not many more: three pair of dressy pants, 3 pair of shorts, about 7 tops (and for 3 formal nights I had one skirt and two tops). I think I cut it a little thin with tops as I felt I was always washing one out. We’ve gone on a one-week cruise with only carry-on luggage before, but being short helps because your clothes are smaller!

  • One thing I really like about this idea is that if you choose to wear bold nail polish, it will match the overall color scheme for the week!

  • Until the end of April, I will be 1. working from home; 2. teaching; 3. teaching Art (another issue altogether); 4. attending a swanky dinner. Is there a capsule on earth that is going to cover that?!

  • Does jacket include exterior jackets/coats? Tank tops worn under other tops? Leggings?

    5 – tops (or dresses or a combination of both)

    dark green scoop long sleeve t-shirt
    medium green wrap top
    pink boatneck t-shirt
    black sweater
    gray wrap dress

    2 – bottoms

    gray trousers

    3 – jacket

    gray cardigan
    bright blue cardigan
    gray checked jacket

    Not everything goes with everything, but plenty for one week.

  • Oh, I wish I’d thought to share mine! I went camping for a week last week, and had to fit all my clothes into a very small bag, since we had so much camping equipment there was hardly room for clothes. But it was a very interesting capsule wardrobe …

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