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The time that most women find it easiest to create a really effective wardrobe capsule is when they’re pregnant.  Aware that they won’t be wearing these clothes for the next 2-5 years, they buy judiciously. Carefully choosing clothes that all work together, that can be mixed, matched, layered, dressed up and down.

maternity capsule



When you are putting together a maternity capsule make sure the colours work together.  Here I’ve chosen black, grey  and navy as my neutrals, then added in the analogous scheme of red, red-violet and blue as my colours for versatility.

These pieces can be layered easily, which is important when you’re pregnant as you may find that you run hotter than your normal body temperature, so it’s good if you can take off a layer as you warm up.

You will also find that you can bring in garments from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and wear them, particularly things like jackets and cardigans.  For example, add in a denim jacket to this capsule which won’t be able to be buttoned up (but we tend to wear them unbuttoned anyway) over the top of the dresses and tops.

You might also find that if you’re in a cooler climate, you have some long sleeve knit tops that can be worn underneath the dresses and tops to add that extra layer, but you don’t have to worry about them riding up and exposing your stomach as they are not the top garment.

Want to be inspired?  Head over and look at Nic at Domestic Sophisticate who is about to have a baby and has lots of fabulous maternity outfits posted!

And if you are a mum and need some tips on a more organised life or just a great recipe for chocolate cake then I’d suggest you go and check out my friend Nicole’s blog – she’s the Planning Queen and has 5 kids,  so there are lots of real life tips she has to share!

What was your fail-safe, go-to outfit when you were pregnant?


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  • For me for work it was generally wide leg stretchy black pants with a very accomodating waistline, a long stretchy tank (similar to those pictured) and then one of several maternity tops over it. My biggest beef with maternity wear was that so much of it plunges way too deep for work appropriate so the tanks were essential. I also had a stretchy skirt in there for some variety.

    I had one cardigan and some jackets that wouldn't button.

    For play it might be maternity jeans with the tank and top or a dress.

    My biggest issue was in the summer when I was at my largest and least able to cope with the temperature – two dresses were about all I wore alternately at the end.

  • Wow, that's a lot of stuff! I guess it varies, but I thought the first couple of months normal clothes work OK, so this is all for what – 6 months or so?

    – tall & slim anon

  • Thank you for posting this! I've liked your other capsule posts, and am currently halfway through my pregnancy. Style advice for the pregnant figure is always appreciated! I think I have similar items, minus the dresses (which will come soon as the weather gets warmer). At the beginning of the pregnancy I found that I got tons of use out of inexpensive jean leggings and boots – didn’t have to worry about a tight waistband with a fluctuating stomach; and longer cardigans worked well while I was still disguising my stomach. A great pair of jeans is a relief to find and helps me feel like I’m in ‘normal’ clothes. Long tanks for layering help extend the use of regular tops. I think maintaining a balance of proportions helps too – if bigger/looser on top, then keep bottoms close-fitting. And anything in jersey knit or similar material is great for comfort!

  • Tall and Slim – most women who plan to have more than one child wear their maternity gear for around 2 years. Also, depends how big you get how quickly, I know first time round my regular bottoms didn't fit after 10 – 12 weeks, and tops by 17 weeks when I popped. 2nd time round it was earlier, was well into maternity clothes by 13 weeks.

    Depends on your body shape, as a short waisted person I get big very quickly, no space for my internal organs and a baby. Some long waisted people could go longer than me! By 6 months I was huge, by 7 months people kept thinking I was about to give birth.

    I found that my regular bottoms hurt my stomach and were uncomfortable, my tops just rolled up exposing everything. You need the extra space and different construction of maternity wear.

    I lent all my clothes to pregnant friends between my pregnancies, so in the end they got a pretty good workout.

    Generally you dress a pregnant woman as an 0 shape.

  • I was ok till about 15 weeks but then my belly caused even my pre-preggo longer tops to look too short and unprofessional/inappropriate for work. It was essential to get some proper maternity tanks/maternity tops. At the same time my belly felt too constricted by many items and I felt the need for more coverage as well so maternity jeans were required where before I'd been able to get by with my pre-preg pants and hair elastics/belly bands.

    I didn't have to buy it all though, some came from friends who had finished their families and were clearing out their maternity wardrobes.

  • The other problem I had not mentioned here is that your bust size may increase…suddenly your button down tops don't button and even stretchy/knit work tops may become too tight/inappropriate looking for work regardless of whether they accomodate your belly.

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