How to Work Your Wardrobe Capsule


Thanks for all your comments on the Wardrobe Capsules series I’m doing.  I’ve had a few that have wondered how I could make so many outfits, so hopefully this polyvore will help to explain how 12 garments can make so many options.  It’s all about mixing them up, each bottom goes with each top, each jacket works with all the tops and bottoms.

working your relaxed business capule


Each top can be worn with each bottom – so:

4 tops x 3 bottoms =12 outfits
3 jackets can be worn over each outfit to make new outfits – 3 x 12 = 36 outfits
Dress can be worn with each jacket or as a stand alone = 4 outfits

40 unique outfits from the clothes alone then add accessories:

3 scarves that can be worn with 2 of the tops + 18 more outfits
4 necklaces that can be worn with 3 of the tops + 27 more outfits

And I won’t even go into the shoe option changes!

Grand total 85 looks from these few garments and accessories.  Now that’s money well spent!

Want more?

Layer the blue top over the dress.
Layer the black top over the blue top.
Layer the black top over the blouse.

That gets you easily another 7 outfit options.


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  • I love the illustration, never seen anyone else display it in detail.

    I'm impressed by how much the scarves and necklaces change the look – they really attract the attention.

    I feel there's some cheating in the counting, however. If it's cold enough to need a jacket, then the outfits without a jacket don't really count. And if it's too hot to wear a jacket, it's the other way.

    Even so, the number of possible outfits is great given the number of pieces!

    – tall & slim anon

  • Thank you..
    Thank you..
    The capsules you have done have really helped me pick out a nice combination wardrobe for my 'X' shape. I just bought the final pair of shoes…boots to complete my new Autumn palette capsule.

  • You're fantastic! I've never seen a 'wardrobe help' site so great. Thanks a million! And I love the headscarf post. You're bookmarked at the top of my list!

  • WOW Seems like a dream world! I'd love to be able to build such a practical wardrobe! Where do I start? with a good pair of pants, a good list?? And in order to match elements and colours do I have to bring clothes in the shops? Thanks a lot. Many of us have been wearing all black because of the praticality of it.. and jeans.

  • I love the creativity in these combinations and I really want to try them. Can you suggest another combination for someone (me) who can't wear black? It makes me look positively deathly and at least 20 years older, so it can't be my basic…. I love red…. Any ideas?

  • This is what I have been looking for, for weeks now!! Thank you so much for the ideas, it helps me start a work wardrobe to go back to work from mat leave with very little budget… SO PERFECT!

  • I love this idea, but what limits me is keeping everything washed in time to wear. Do you wash daily? I sweat, so while I can wear bottoms more than once, the tops have to be washed or they start to smell and get stains.

  • Firstly I would like to thank you for all your wonderful articles. I have a query. How to create capsule wardrobe with colour and value contract? Does it work together (capsule wardrobe and contrasts). I hope above example has mixer of all contract levels. If I take particular contrast, it may reduce the number of outfits. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Have a Great Day!

    • You work with your contrast levels and create your contrast with them. So if you are a high contrast, then you may have darker bottoms and lighter tops. If you were a medium value contrast, you’d go for darker bottoms and medium tops etc.

  • hello! this is really amazing, thou i have a very strict work protocol to follow and i can just use black or dark blue pants or skirts and the blouse has to be white or light blue…. how can i make a wardrobe capsule out of that? please help me! do you have any suggestion?

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