What to Wear with a Denim Vest


I’d love to see a column about vests. I have a jean vest that I adore but I am running out of ideas for it. Putting it on over a sweater or long sleeve T-shirt is getting old. I’d like to explore multiple layers but haven’t had much luck.

Same with mixing patterns with the vest. It’s a plan vest but patterns with a vest just don’t look right to me for some reason.


what to wear with a denim vest

Your vest can dress down a dress to make it more casual.  It can be used to add an extra layer with some coloured jeans (generally I’m not a big fan of the ‘denim suit’).


What to layer under your denim vest

A vest works well over a tank top or a long sleeve, slim fitting knit top. It can become too bulky if you try and put too many layers underneath as denim can be a little stiff.

When putting a pattern with your vest, you can look for a relationship between the denim and the colours in the pattern (it’s still a blue and needs to go with the colours in the pattern). Plus denim, usually being a soft and more muted fabric, won’t work as well with a really brightly patterned top, stick with patterns that aren’t too high contrast or dominating.  Think like with like when mixing patterns with your denim vest.


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  • I have a soft denim shirt (in a tencel type of fabric) with sleeves that are too long for me.
    So do you think it would be better to turn the sleeves back (very casual) or take the sleeves off to make a soft style denim vest ? The fabric is not as stiff as normal denim and the style wise has a straight hem just below the hip.
    Would this make it more wearable and versatile, and then it could be styled as above? Any thoughts and ideas on this would be very helpful. Thanks.

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