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Megan Mae

One of the benefits of blogging is the ability to peek into someone else’s wardrobe plus peek into their style philosophy and today I’m really happy to introduce you to  Tennessee USA based blogger Megan Mae of Megan Mae Daily who share her Stylish Thoughts.

What is the secret to great style?

Know what you love. Explore, be bold. More importantly buy what you love. I watch people who buy things off the clearance and sale racks only because the clothing is cheap, and then they hate their closets. Or they buy only basics and feel like they have nothing exciting to dress up in. Buy only what makes you feel truly special. Life is not a dress rehearsal, This is it. Let yourself be as special and unique as you are.

What is the one thing you would spend a lot of money on?

Good shoes, quality pieces. Perfect fitting jeans. Skin care products. I use very little make-up, but when I have purchased make up or skin care, I try to buy quality. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be the cheapest thing on the shelf either.


What’s the secret to looking polished?

Do your hair, or your make-up. If you’re running late, fixing one up will make the other less obvious. A swipe of lipstick can turn that bedhead into a purposefully tumbled look. Polished hair can let your bareface shine beautifully.


Obsessed with stars

What is your current obsession?

Stars! They’re cropping back up and I’m picking up star prints, cut outs, studs! I love them, and it’s very exciting to find things you love. It all started with a thrifted Versace skirt ($2) covered in red stars, and has grown from there.


Who inspires you?

The list is quite long, but Sheila of Ephemera, Sally of Already Pretty, Audi of Fashion for Nerds, Keely of Casual Chic Kiki. All of the people I follow through their blogs inspire me, but those four have been key to my blog’s start and growth.


What’s not worth the money?

Cheap shoes, your feet will hate you, your pocket book will too. It’s too easy to buy quality shoes and repair them over several years. Sure it may be fun to jazz up your collection with a bright, pattern ballet flat, but save your pennies for those basic black pumps or winter boots.

What’s your secret to making yourself stand out?

Embracing all my sides. I’ve gone through a costuming, goth, and rock and roll phase. I’m learning to merge that into my personal style.


What is your favourite current trend?

Mega-wedges. I can’t always wear super high heels, but platform wedges make me feel tall and powerful without killing my feet.


Megan Mae

How would you describe your personal style?

Little bit rock’n’roll, little bit country, and a little bit action hero from a science fiction movie.




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