Is it Summer or Wintour?


Surfing around the net I found this photo of Anna Wintour (editrex of Vogue US if we didn’t already know) and wondered what on earth was she thinking when she got dressed?

That fur coat looks pretty warm, yet those strappy sandals look appropriate for a hot summer day, is it just a little chilly and it’s going to warm up later and she’ll take off the coat?  Or is it cold and she’s getting around in inappropriate clothing for the season?

One of the fashion trends that abounds these days is the open toed boot or sandal, I don’t get it?  When is the weather the right weather to wear these seasonally challenged shoes?

This is one trend I can’t wait to see disappear. Do you agree or disagree?  Are there other seasonally confused clothes that you can think of?


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  • I agree about the shoes. And I don't just think they are seasonally confused, I also think they are generally hideous.

  • Couldn't agree more, Imogen! If it's warm enough for boots, then it's not warm enough for open toes.

    Kept seeing those horrid ankle warming sandals around here all summer too – what, the rest of you is fine in shorts and a singlet, but your ANKLES are chilly? Absurd and, as Alexandra said, also UGLY. One trend I have no desire to pick up on 🙂

  • Absolutely agree. I can't believe this very silly and absurd trend is still around.

    Footwear like this gives fashion a bad name!

  • Very cold this morning – pouring with rain and what do I see but a sweet young thing all rugged up – wearing thongs on her feet!
    Can't stand seeing Ugg Boots on feet in the middle of summer – but then sometimes they are a necessary accessory in Melbourne lol

  • Amen, sister!!! I never did understand why on earth you'd wear boots with your toes poking out. Really?!! Couldn't agree more.

  • I am totally unfashionable so I thought maybe it was just my unfashionable self that wondered what the point of this variety of shoe was. They are also extraordinarily ugly.

  • I can't stand these! Oddly enough, maybe because of repeated exposure, I don't find them as repulsive as when they first came out last spring.

    lin3arossa- I was thinking the same exact thing! Sleeveless turtlenecks don't really make sense. Also, quilted-down vests, and jackets with 3/4 sleeves.

  • Actually during spring I’m wearing shoes like the one shown on the right below. I wear them underneath my jeans. I bought them because they hide my spider veins on my feet.
    I like to wear open shoes, because of the warmer weather, but don’t want to show my spider veins.

      • They look good only under my long jeans, because the legs of the jeans cover most of the shoes :-). I prefer open sandals too. Do you have any suggestions on what to wear when you have lots of spider veins (purple and blue) like me? My legs are long and slender, but I’m hardly wearing skirts or dresses in summertime, because I don’t know what shoes to wear underneath them. The ones like above look horrible underneath skirts and dresses in my opinion. And I’d like to cover up the purple and blue veins.

        • Janet – are your feet really as bad as you say? Often others don’t notice things like this! You may be surprised. Maxi dresses and skirts can be good as they mostly cover your feet.

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