Packing My Bags for the AICI Conference


I have spent part of today packing my bags for the AICI conference in Orlando Florida which starts Thursday this week.  I’m on the plane to LA first thing in the morning and looking forward to leaving some very wintery weather in Melbourne for some lovely spring weather in the USA!

My method in packing today was that I wrote down what I was doing each day and an idea of what I’d wear.e.g.

Tuesday:  Flying                                        Black harem pants, black t-shirt, black cardigan, pink scarf
               Shopping & Lunch in LA     Blue jeans, purple t-shirt, purple/blue patterned cardigan

Wednesday: Catching up with LA Bloggy Friends  Blue jeans, blue t-shirt purple/blue patterned cardigan
                    Flying to Orlando                        

Thursday      Shopping                              Black skirt, black tank, black and white shrug
                    AICI reception                     Maxi dress, black sequin shrug

Friday:         Conference                            Black skirt, black t-shirt pink jacket
                    Dinner                                   Harem pants, black tank, black sequin shrug

and on I go through until Wednesday when I arrive back home.

As I’m presenting at the conference – a session on writing and blogging on Sunday morning so I had to make sure that I had a great outfit for that.  I’m never sure how cold the hotel is going to be air conditioned to, so I had to make sure that I have some jackets or long sleeved garments that I can put over the top of my clothes. I have to admit that I took some dodgy photos with my phone and emailed them to the lovely Jan Fisher in New Zealand who I’m sharing a room with at the conference for her opinion on what I should pack.  We all love a little help!

Then of course I’ve added in 4 pairs shoes, 2 flats 2 heels plus a range of jewellery to spice up each outfit.  I promise to post lots of photos so you can see what it’s like and what we’re all wearing.

For those of you who used to read her blog, Jan and I are staying with Karen (of a Certain Age) in LA for a night and we’re looking forward to catching up.

Just think, without blogging I never would be speaking at this conference and I also wouldn’t be staying with Karen, catching up with La Belette Rouge (Tracey) and Laura (who I met last time I was in LA.  How fantastic that this form of communication has brought me friends from the other side of the world!


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  • I hope you have a lovely time on your trip to our wonderful country. Looking forward to your informative posts about it! I miss Karen's blog and hope she is well.

  • Dont you love packing?! What a great idea to write out what you will be doing and what you should wear each day.
    You should check my "Side Kit", its a fabulously convenient tool bag for any woman on the go. Carry along everything you will need that you wouldn't otherwise have even thought about bringing, even a spare outfit! My clothing line is completely easy wash and wrinkle resistant! Great for traveling, or just throwing an extra dress in the bottom of your purse for those little emergencies!
    Have fun on your trip!

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