Wardrobe Capsules for Your Life – Relaxed Business


Many who work in the corporate world now wear a relaxed business rather than formal business style of dress.  Formal business is easy, team a suit with a shirt and put on some hose and pumps and off you go.  It’s kind of like a school uniform.  Relaxed business is so much trickier to interpret and is where so many people go wrong, most frequently wearing clothes that are too informal for work.  So how about putting together some great relaxed business capsules to make your work life easier.

working your relaxed business capule


Don’t forget your accessories, adding a scarf or necklace will change up your look and provide that all important focal point.

This capsule of clothes will provide for 7 weeks of alternative outfits.  Not too shabby for 11 garments.

Relaxed business is a step down from the suit of formal business wear, but still requires some structure, so a jacket that can be worn over the top is an essential item.  Tops are best in woven fabrics or fine knits.  Shoes should still cover your toes, and avoid showing too much skin.


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  • Great post. And good timing – heading into the city for an important client meeting today and need to look the part!

  • I'm an academic and firmly in the relaxed business category, only the default in my department is to be too relaxed. I'm trying to style up a bit. Would love to just buy this whole capsule piece for piece. I should probably try organizing my existing wardrobe on this principle instead, though.

  • Great suggestion Allyson. You really hit the mark with relaxed business Imogen,…can we develop the theme a little more?

  • I would completely love it for this entire capsule to be transported into my wardrobe. I've been in love with that printed dress since the first time I saw it.

    Also, I keep meaning to send in a picture, I cannot figure out exactly what body type I am. I think I'm an 8 but I'm not sure. Any chance you could help me out?


  • I would love to see all the outfits; my imagination and mixing skills can't figure out how to make that many different outfits from that capsule.

  • Your comment that a JACKET is the key piece is so important. A structured top makes everything else you wear look polished.

  • Agree with all the comments. I also agree that a scarf can really make a difference. I bought a $10 light-weight grey with white dots one recently – it jazzes up so many outfits!

  • Love this post!!! I used to work in a 100% suit environment, but am looking for this kind of style now. Would love to see this expanded a bit more…and include some more affordable options. This is a great look!

  • Another great post, Imogen.

    I agree this category can be a tricky one to navigate and that you should feel free to expand this post if you have more to say — and I'm sure you do!

    I'm currently in a relaxed business (aka mid-to-dressier end of business casual) and I certainly see a lot of variation…the more resources we have to help understand the genre, the better.

    Right now I wear non-baggy, I wear bolder colors (some days!), I wear jackets…and I keep my fingers crossed that I don't end up back in a sub-casual environment!

    [Though I understand why others like that type of setting better, give me an inch and the next thing I'm coming to work in yoga pants or something. Eternal vigilance. 😉 ]

  • Beauty! I can easily see how adding other colors would be easy as long as they go with all the bottoms and all the jackets.

    Look forward to a business casual capsule.

    – tall & slim anon

  • Love this selection and you're spot on: relaxed business is much harder than the full-on suited look.

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