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I’m currently on holiday in Canberra with my kids, seeing the grandparents and a load of friends, so still powered down, but I’ve decided to have a series of guest posts from other bloggers around the globe, it’s always fascinating to find out what others think of as essential, and their own definition of their style.

Tomorrow you will get to read a post from Renee, The Bra Queen, and I will shortly be resuming normal services.

Today’s pic is from a garden sculpture my mother built in her garden (with the help of a couple of strong lads).


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  • Your mother's garden makes my heart sing – it's so beautiful and so Australian. And those railway sleepers seem like mysterious totem poles; what a wonderful screensaver this picture would make. BTW, does the chicken wire netting mean that your mum has an enthusiastic dog — or uninvited possums?

  • Lyrebirdgully, yes she has a very native garden in Canberra with many uninvited possums that are constantly decimating her plants.

    Feel free to use it as a screen saver!

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