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Have you ever thought about becoming an image consultant?  Have you thought about running your own business?  I didn’t stumble across it as a career option til I was 34, my friend Jan was 55 when she trained.

Becoming an image consultant was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you have a passion for helping people look and feel great, improve their confidence and self-esteem, this could be the right career move for you.

This is the kind of feedback I regularly receive from clients:

I went shopping for a few hours on Sunday. I was thrilled at what a difference meeting you had made (not surprised, as that is what I expected), but still fabulously thrilled. All the of the negative emotions that can go with shopping just weren’t there. I was happy and enjoying myself. If something looked not quite right I knew why & put it back. I didn’t do the usual beat myself up for having the wrong body shape. I love the colour swatch and found it very easy to use. Jeanie
If this is something that interests you and you’re looking for a new career, why not train to become an image consultant?

My next 1 day per week training commences Sunday 28 February 2010 and goes for 12 Sundays  excluding public holiday weekends.    Classes start at 9.30am and finish 5pm.  Places are limited as I keep my training classes small so that you receive lots of individual attention.

If you are interested in becoming an image consultant please contact me for a no obligation chat, I’d love to talk to you about your options.

Following the training I provide monthly consultant meetings at no charge, to help you grow your business, and continue your education as an image consultant.  These are a great opportunity, not only to ask questions and receive extra support, but to talk ‘shop’ with your peers, and build a network of like minded image professionals.

Here is some feedback from image consultants who completed my course:

In 2008-2009 I completed my ‘Colour’, ‘Style’ and ‘Business’ training with Imogen Lamport to qualify as an image consultant.

Imogen used a multi-modal approach to her training to cater for the different learning styles of group members and to provide the greatest depth and application of learning.

Imogen set an historical context to colour theory and style, and drew on the findings of many research studies.

She used a variety of resources to support our learning, including web-sites, Powerpoint slides and her own detailed printed materials.

Imogen was able to give numerous examples to illustrate her teaching from her vast experience with clients. Most importantly, we got to learn experientially through a range of ‘hands-on’ tasks and we applied our knowledge and skills on a wide range of real models.

I completed my training with the confidence that I was able to apply my skills with real people.

Imogen’s thorough training and on-going support at consultants’ training evenings ensures that we continue to be stimulated and challenged professionally and keep up-to-date with developments in the image consulting industry.
I feel fortunate and privileged to have received such high quality training.

Yours sincerely,
Mary-Ann De Carlo

I met Imogen in early 2008 and since then I have trained under her to be an image consultant. I had been referred to Imogen through a friend of mine that was achieving good results with her clients and in her business. I was a hairstylist at the time and decided that I wanted to take my business to the next level. I have never been happier since I took the plunge to travel to Melbourne from Brisbane and learn my skills from Imogen. Her kind and friendly manner allowed me to relax and learn at my own pace. She is thorough and passionate about her work and she has the results to demonstrate this.

I would highly recommend Imogen as a trainer based on the fact that she is brilliant at what she does and she values the relationships she builds with her clients and work colleagues.

Kelli Boucher
Bouché Boutique


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  • Dang it, Imogen! Why are you so far away?!? How about broadcasting your classes as a webinar so those of us over here could follow along online? Dang ocean.

  • I'm another one who would love to join you! I've looked into doing it here in the UK, but at the moment I simply can't quite afford to make the change.

    Maybe one day, when I win the lottery or once I've finished paying the mortgage!

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