How to Stop Static Cling with Hosiery


Hi Imogen,

I have a question. How do I prevent the dress sticking to my hosiery? I live in Malaysia and I don’t think static is the issue here. Would appreciate some ideas because I’ve got a fabulous dress that I want to wear with a semi-opaque hose. Thanks!  Michelle

Static cling occurs when each garment has an opposite charge (like magnets – positive charges attract negative charges) and what happens is that your dress sticks to your stockings.

Some ways to get rid of it include:
Static Guard Anti-Static Spray 5.5 oz (156 g)
Static Spray – you spray this onto your clothes to eliminate the charge

Fabric Softener – add this to you wash, it can help to eliminate the charge

White Vinegar – add 1/4 cup to your rinse cycle

Air dry rather than tumble dry clothes (which creates the charge by rubbing the clothes over and over each other) – have you noticed that when you pull your clothes out of the dryer they crackle and stick together?


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  • I rub hand lotion on my hands, then run it on my tights (once I have them on). Stops static.

    Also, I don't put my clothes in the dryer- dry on a rack. (Sheets, towels, yes, but not clothes.)

  • Apparently another trick that works is to dampen your hands and run them up each leg to the waisband of your tights… I have not yet tried this but it was from someone who seemed to know what they were talking about!

  • Is polyester lining necessary? Can a cotton or wool skirt go right over hosiery, without a slippery layer inbetween? Is the lining to avoid the skirt sticking to the hosiery, or to add warmth? If it's to add warmth, I'd use cotton for lining, and it'd likely not get clingy. What do you think?

  • Later this spring you'll be able to find George hosiery at any Wal-Mart with an anti-static treatment.It's brand new.

  • I'm a bit scared of the static spray. We get too many chemicals in our bodies as it is. I love the vinegar and hand cream ideas! Thanks ladies.

  • Anonymous, lining makes skirts hang better, supports delicate fabrics and decreases scratching in wools. Cotton lining is used only occasionally, to decrease transparency in fine cotton or gauzy skirts. for cotton skirts to decrease transpa

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