How to Define and Develop Your Personal Style


how to create your personal style


I was reading a blog about a mum getting her groove back. Sick of the sloppy she wants style. I posted this piece of advice for her to follow, and thought that you all might find it useful when working out how to find your personal style:

How to Develop Your Personal Style

Write down a list of words that express how you’d like to be perceived by others – for example my list might be “creative, modern, dynamic, approachable, stylish, caring” then from that, look at your clothes – if a garment doesn’t say at least 3 of these words, it’s not earning its keep in your wardrobe. Anything you buy needs to say these words – never buy clothes that just say to you “it’ll do”!

Then Think About What Your Clothes are Saying

So for instance, if I needed to buy a long sleeved top – the one on the left – says “boring, dull and oh so it’ll do” to me and is not going to help me create my personal style based on the words I’ve chosen.

How to create your personal style

While the middle one with it’s asymmetric neckline says ‘creative and modern while still being approachable’ so is a much better choice for my wardrobe.

Alternatively, I might add a pattern like the third top, and it says ‘feminine (caring) and approachable,  and softly bold (dynamic)’.

How would you like to be perceived? What does your wardrobe say to the world?

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  • Great post. I have always wanted to be ladylike, but fun, with a bit of whimsy or creativity. Or offbeat. Or ironic.

    I remember once you said most people have at least TWO “styles” they are…What did you mean by that and how do you reconcile if you have more than one style preference?


  • Thank you for the examples! I find that I am understanding the theory behind a more fun fashionable wardrobe, but don’t know how to go about actually getting it!

    I think my biggest problem is with patterns. I don’t really know how to choose a pattern, if that even makes sense.

    I hadn’t even thought about how a neckline can make such a big difference in a top.

  • Karen – the major styles I work with are Classic, Relaxed/Natural, Dramatic, Creative, Rebellious, Feminine, Elegant Chic.

    Now, if you loved the bohemian look that would be Relaxed/Feminine/Creative – see 3 styles, 1 look.

    If you like leopard print in structured clothes with a geometric print that would be Dramatic/Classic/Elegant Chic

    I’ve never met anyone who was a straight classic (or any of the groups).

    Andrea – the patterns you like are based on your personality – wait til I’ve done another post on this – some people just don’t like pattern (except for a fine stripe).

    I will do a separate post on this!

  • Thank you Imogen! I have been stuck on the idea of buying pattens for a few years and the patterns that I did buy were total misses!

    I’m still worrking on five items. I think I am just overthinking what I want my clothes to say. Right now I have feminine, classic, relaxed….

  • This is REALLY good. I don’t think I can come up with the definitive word list right now. But, I am going to give this more thought.
    I do think chic, classic, and ironic are words that come to mind. THat said, I wouldn’t want every piece of my outfit to contain all of those qualities. I would want one piece to bring in the irony to the other more timeless pieces.

    I think, according to your types I would be a Dramatic/Classic/Elegant Chic.

  • Sound advice! It’s hard to find items that fit at least 3 of my descriptors, but if I were to stick to this rule, I’d shop a lot more discerningly and effectively.

  • You may also find that you have two streams of words – one set for work, another for home – depending what you do.

    It’s also not just your clothes but your hairstyle, glasses, shoes, jewellery, belts, patterns, fabrics, bags etc. So you may do classic chic but with a twist of irony in your shoes.

    You may dress in a relaxed manner – jeans and knit top, but add dramatic detail with red boots, and then add some feminine with some blingy jewellery.

    There are so many ways you can change your style and add in parts of your personality.

  • How can I mix, for example then, my beloved preppy J.Crew with the unstructured, creative Anthropologie? What if I don’t ALWAYS want to be structured? Should I buy just one or two full outfits in the other style? Sometimes I really struggle…

  • This is genius – as usual! You would absolutely throw up if you entered my closet, I fear. Such a mish-mash…


    Happy Holidays!



  • I think I buy pretty basic items but nice quality and then I add my “sass” in my shoes, bag, accessories and personality. I love Karen’s polished look but never quite seem to pull that one off very well. I’m not quite together enough to be tailored.

  • Anna – I have not yet vomited in or at a wardrobe – and I’ve seen some pretty terrible ones!
    As long as there aren’t any dead rats in there or piles of maggots it’s fine!

  • Thanks so much for this advice! Makes so much sense….need a tee but that doesn’t have to mean PLAIN and BORING! Who’d have thunk it?!?! LOL

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