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Tips on discovering and exploring your personal style

Many of my clients want to develop their own personal style, their signature style, that is truly a reflection of their personality.  So how do you do it?

Tips on How to Discover Your Personal Style

I’ve written a series of posts on this which you can read here.

Also, why not consider adding in an element – Anna Wintour has her sensible bob hairstyle and large dark sunglasses.   I’m known for my large scale pendant necklaces, people comment that they’re ‘my thing’, and how much they suit me.  They weren’t always my thing, in fact for most of my life I wore smaller and finer chains and necklaces, but when I learned that large scale necklaces make my bust look smaller, I started an ever growing collection of pendants to suit different moods and outfits.    They are now an integral part of my personal style story.

Need some more inspiration?   Some great posts out and about on developing personal style.

From  Sal at Already Pretty: 

From Luinae at More Magic Always

From LPC at Privilege

From The Ongoing Project

From Candice – The Imperfectionist

Go on, experiment a little, fashion is fun, let me know how you go, and what inspires you.

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  • For about 3 decades I have used scarves as a signature–without intending to. It started when I was a poorly paid publishing assistant and lasted through grad school and into my current life as a professor. Practically: scarves are easily packable, colorful, can be used to disguise figure flaws and draw attention to the face. Aesthetically: scarves make every outfit different, professional, and interesting. My wardrobe is huge, including wool, silk, and lowly polyester. Recently I've started collecting souvenir scarves from places like Paris, Rome, and New York: colorful and kitschy. I simply like them (and they keep me warm in winter and over-air-conditioned spaces in summer)but my students tell me that they are "my thing."

  • Thank you for the mention amongst such good company. I love what you do here. Speaking of which, did you know that one of my readers specifically thanked me for sending her to your posts on the science of prints? 🙂

  • I love them too!! I'm in New York this weekend and am reluctant to buy anything without my stylist. I'm tired of wasting money on clothes I don't wear. Wish you were here Imogen!

  • Hi gerenous girls! Thanks for sharing with us your passion and knowledge!On this subject I made a fast trip trough your post Imogen and the posts in the blogs you refer to and I really lighted up on one point. I found really good as LPC says making a list of what you want your clothes to say and then taking your favorites clothes and write how you feel in them, and look for overlap in these too lists. The term "grace", came to me. It relates to movement, lyrism, and dance. I realized how many of my favorite clothes had to do with grace, movement, fluidity and simply dance itself. Then I read Sallys who made a very nice post on the creative process. She proposes that you use these qualities, tematic or looks you love and try to integrate a bit of it in your outfits, even if it is only trough accesories. So I startes to ask myself: Dance, movement etc…: What would mean dance in "feet" for me ( ballet flats, amazone sandals, high flamenco boots, tango's forties shoes), in necklines? (Low, deep open in the back, draped). In bags? (Big, flexible, suede or leather, nude, natural colours) ? In colour? (skin, nude, light browns, pinks, warm colours…), or water colours ( turquoise, blues), In tops? ( Open neckline and defined waist or chest), in fabrics? (Fluidity), in shapes? Long, dresses, colour column, wide pants……… I undestand now why I love scarves, dresses…certain shoes. And started to see that when I have no connection to an outfit, when I feel it is "not me", if I could add a piece or two of my dance-grace- movement thematic, I suddenly start to identify to it, becomes much more me and I feel I achieved it. Much fun is coming!

  • Wow, thank you for the link! It's amazing to be linked by your blog!

    My signature is big pearl earrings- they are my favourite!

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