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One of the things I think is important is to ensure that your style recipe works for your whole life, not just work, but for everything you do.  Who are you at your core and what do you want people to know?

My Style Recipe

My style recipe is Functional Individualist with a Touch of Glamour.

It used to be just Functional Individualist and then I decided that I enjoyed my outfits that had a bit more glamour involved, so I added that in as a reminder.

Style Recipe tips

Functional – comfy stretch check skirt, cashmere jumper, flat knee-high boots
Individualist: leopard print scarf mix pattern with check skirt, then add in the little 50’s women brooches

For me, the functional element works no matter what I’m doing – gardening?  Then I wear my activewear that allows me to stretch and move easily.  Going to a special event?  Then I’ll pick out a fancy frock and jewels that function in that environment.  Sitting at my desk, it has to be comfortable for sitting and working at a computer, so I don’t like bulky bracelets that get in the way – not functional for me (but you will see I wear a lot of bracelets, they are just not the chunky kind).  My pencil skirts are all made from super stretchy ponte fabric that are totally wash and wear.

The individualist element is me liking to be a little unidentifiable – you don’t know where my clothes came from.  I’m never sporting an identifiable look that says “she shops at XXX”.  I like things with a touch of difference or how they are put together is a little unique.

functional individualist style recipe

Where’s the glamour? In this outfit for me, it’s the leopard chiffon scarf!

Where is the glamour?  It might be in the colour, or some sheen, a floaty fabric that swishes as I walk, maybe some bling or statement jewellery,  it might just be in the manicure!  It’s functional glamour – that fits the environment!

So when you’re thinking about your own style recipe – it should be something that gives you guidelines that you want to follow, but also enough wiggle room that you don’t feel boxed in or that it only works for one aspect of your life.

What are the Ingredients for Your Style Recipe?

Figuring out what your Style Recipe means is a super important part of defining your style recipe.

You want to make a Key Lime Pie?  Then you need to know all the ingredients in it – not just that it contains limes!  What’s the base made from?  What else is in it?

The same goes for your style recipe – what are the ingredients in every word?

For example if FUN was part of your style recipe – how would you express this in your clothing?

  • Bright colours
  • Warm colours
  • Prints and Patterns – and if so – what sort? Stripes? Checks? Abstract?  Objects?  Which say fun to you?
  • Colourful jewellery?  What’s it made from?
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Fluffy or furry fabric

Creating your style recipe and defining the ingredients


If you were to look at the image above – if you were to select FUN as part of your style recipe – what (if any) of the elements of design say fun to you from the clothes and accessories above?

I’m pretty sure that even if FUN was important to you – you wouldn’t wear everything here (assuming it all suited you and made you look fabulous) as how you interpret the word – what the specific ingredients for fun are for you, will be different to the next person.

Take the time to figure out your ingredients – what you love (don’t forget to check out the elements of design and how they communicate here) and then start using your style recipe and see how it works for you.

You may need to tweak it, or completely rework it!  It should provide you with a great framework for your style, not stifle your style or be too broad as to not be helpful.

Remember, that defining your personal style is the easiest way to have a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear!

And if you want help with your style recipe, the amazing 7 Steps to Style members are a wonderful resource – plus in the program there are additional tools and resources to help you figure out what you want yours to be.

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