Turning Your Style Recipe into a Stunning Sartorial Dish


Turning Your Style Recipe into a Stunning Sartorial Dish


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll have come across the idea of a Style Statement or Style Recipe.

These are words that help you define who you are on the inside and how you want to be perceived by the outside world.

They are an authentic reflection of your inner self, the best version of you that you want to present to those around you, those who come into contact with you whether it’s at work or play.

So how to turn those words which are the ingredients of your recipe into the finished dish.

Think about each word as being part of the flavour. Each word will add an element to your outfit.

Let’s look at some examples to get you thinking.

Style Recipe 1

  • Dynamic
  • Unexpected
  • Friendly
  • Successful


How do you define each word in your recipe?  If you break down these ingredients into different elements what are they?  Ask yourself what each word means to you:

  • Dynamic – colourful, bright, vibrant, exciting
  • Unexpected – unusual, unique, edgy, different, individual, creative
  • Friendly – approachable, warm, caring
  • Successful – professional, credible, confident, knowledgeable

Expressed in Sartorial Form

Now you have the herbs and spices as well as the main ingredients to your sartorial dish, how to you put it together?  Well it’s time to consider how to express each of these ingredients in clothing/accessory form.

  • Dynamic – bright colours, larger scale accessories, bold pattern or detail
  • Unexpected – unusual construction, interesting mixes of colour, pattern mixing, asymmetry, unique accessories
  • Friendly – softer fabrics, stretch, texture, touchable fabrics, low to medium contrast, lighter colours, colour rather than lots of dark colours
  • Successful – structured or tailored construction, put-together, well groomed, good quality, ironed and polished

How to express your style recipe in outfits

Here is an example of how this style recipe could be interpreted in outfits.  In the work outfit there is more of the successful, dynamic with the friendly and unexpected.  In the play outfit the successful is dialed back so it comes through as more friendly but still being dynamic and with an unexpected element here and there.  Remember there are so many ways to interpret every word in your recipe and millions of ways to put them together.  A style recipe should not make you feel like you’re stuck wearing the same outfit over and over.

Style Recipe 2

  • Warm
  • Fun
  • Responsible
  • Natural


  • Warm – friendly, nurturing, caring, feminine
  • Fun – happy, breezy, playful
  • Responsible – mature, trustworthy, reliable
  • Natural – down to earth, relaxed, informal

In Sartorial Form

  • Warm – soft fabrics, stretch fabrics, floaty fabrics, not too structured in design
  • Fun – ‘fun’ patterns and prints (Hawaiian, polka dots), multiple colours, light to medium colours
  • Responsible – not too much decoration or details, no frills or frou-frou, higher value contrast, symmetrical design and features
  • Natural – colours of nature – sky blue, sage green, sand, brown, rust (no black and white!), denim, chambray, looser fit, flat shoes

How to express your style recipe in outfits

Here are examples of the 2nd style recipe in action.  More responsible for work, more emphasis on fun for play, both still working with the full style recipe and not leaving out any ingredients.

Creating Your Sartorial Dish

Use at least one element from each ingredient in every outfit.  If you miss an ingredient, you miss out on your outfit expressing who you are as a whole.

Different occasions will demand different quantities of each ingredient.  For example, for work you may want to pump up the “Successful” ingredient if you need to appear more professional or competent, but socially that ingredient may be used in a lower quantity and the “Friendly” ingredient is more prominent.

You always want to add all ingredients to your dish, but you can change the quantities at any time.  If you’re too reliant on one ingredient your dish will become unbalanced.

So tell me, what are the ingredients, the herbs and spices for your style recipe and then how do you express them in your outfits?

If you want to work on your style recipe, doing my Evolve Your Style challenge will really help you start to come up with a great list of ingredients as you play each day with a daily focus.

Evolve your Style 31 day life and style changing challenge

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  • To combine these in different ratios just made me look at this in a WHOLE new way! Thank you!

    Authentic- play up my uniques without any theatre

    Colorful- I need color- and must remind myself off it so I break my kahki and olive drab defaults. Yes to Orange, warm greens, tomato red, gold yellow and no to pink, purple, turquoise, navy,

    Safari- nothing too prim and proper. Elegant and feminine while toeing that masculine aesthetic. Outdoorsy vibe.

    Capable- can I fall down stairs in it? Sit how I want? Fight? Run? Drive a stick shift or emergency land a plane? I want to seem like I can! Capable of/for everything- both mentally and physically. No delicate fabrics. Stretch, movement, unrestrictive.

  • Hi Imogen,
    I love Style recipe 2 work combo! Thanks for the reminder to think about my playful side more often?
    As always, you are the best!
    Your faithful fan,

  • Hi Imogen,

    thanks a lot for this.
    Translating ingredients of my style recipe into actual clothes and accessories is where I´m at right now on my way to my personal style.
    I´ve learnt a lot about my body shape and my colours, am still learning about value and contrast but I seem to get closer to feel what is really me. I see a lot of clothes that I like a lot and would have bought a while ago only to wonder afterwards why I don´t feel comfortable in them.
    So I try to look even closer if those clothes actually suit me, not just my body.

    With examples like the ones you show us here, I´m getting a step closer.

    Thanks again!


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