Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
63: Colour and Style Q&A: How Look Lipsticks?, Can I get away from My Dress Style?, How far away can You go from your colours palette?

Your questions answered in this Episode

0.08 Lipsticks can look bright in the tube but almost neutral on, or look pink in the tube and then red on – why is this?
2.35 I dress very Classic for work and seem to do that casually too – but can I get away from this?
7.20 How far away from the colours in your palette can you go?

Choosing Lipstick Colours

5 Tips You Need to Know to Choose a Flattering Lipstick Colour

How to Choose Flattering Lipstick Colours

How to Choose a Nude Lipstick Colour

Classic Personality  Style

How to Express Your Personality Through Your Personal Style

5 Ways Meghan Markle Updates and Modernises Classic Outfits

Simple Outfits vs Complex Ones – Which Should You Choose?

Using Your Colour Palette

How to Work with Your Colour Palette

How to Choose Colours That Are Super Easy to Mix and Match

9 Ways Knowing Your Best Colours Will Change Your Life as Well as Your Wardrobe

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