My Style: Mixing Patterns


my style mixing patternsYour outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be stylish. This is one of my current favourite combinations. I don’t wear it exactly the same every time, but it’s an easy outfit to wear.  I love the loose nature of this top, so easy to wear and it hides my tummy.

How to Mix Patterns

The key to mixing patterns well is:

  • Pick colours that are harmonious – particularly easy if the colours in each of the patterns is the same as they are here
  • Pattern density – one pattern should be more dense, the other more sparse
  • Stripes are the easiest of patterns to mix with others!

decjuba stripe top

In these photos I’m wearing this swing top with black coated denim (which always looks more dressy than regular denim), but I also wear these tops with my white jeans (the whites match) which really works now that I’m blonde.  I love the elongation of the column of colour created by the white jeans.

my style pattern mixing

I love this little jacket – it was made by my dressmaker Alfia and can be popped over lots of things, but I particularly like it with the stripes as it creates some basic pattern mix that is fun but not over the top.  It’s a little quirky and I love the bobble detail.

Some other posts on mixing

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How to pattern mix

Download my guide on how to mix but not match prints and colours.

Stripe top – Decjuba (this one similar but short sleeve)
Mini jacket – Alfia Galimova
Jeans – Witchery (these are similar)

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