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Inside Out Style
308: Your colour questions answered about body shape change, menopause, and what fits and flatters my body.

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0.08 When does your body shape change from one to another? What’s the turning point from an 8 shape to H shape? I think this is happening to me: I’ve always had a body shape 8 and quite a bust, but now at 54, I have more weight and tummy, and my natural waist is the same as my underbust (I have read your articles on the waist). I see my defined waist, but with my clothes on it is hardly noticeable. Tips for body 8 mark the waist, but those for body H avoid it. I experiment with clothes. Is there anything else I can do?
4.16 I have recently gained some menopausal weight. Since I have always been very skinny, this is a challenge for me because I now have lost my style and do not know how to dress anymore.
9.47 I just don’t know how to transfer my style into something that fits and flatters my body.

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