306: Your colour questions answered about Shopping for Clothes, Short legs, and Age Appropriate Clothes.

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0.08 Biggest challenge is finding clothes I like in shops that suit my age and figure. Clothes are either super skimpy or loose-fitting which only makes me look bigger than I am.
I have a classic hourglass shape, with hips and a bum (and now a little pouch in the front) – so even the clothes I think I like on the model or mannequin – hardly ever suit my shape.
I feel like this makes me super fussy when it comes to clothes, because I never feel comfortable.
8.41 I struggle with learning to dress a very short, kinda curvy (61kg) body with very short legs in a way that is not girly, looks good and powerful in flat shoes (plantar fasciitis, chronic shin splints) and makes sense for someone who’s 53.
13.21 My biggest issue right now is finding age appropriate clothes that I LOVE. I’m 55 and (based on your quiz) I’m a Classic style and I do like to always have a “put together” look, but that is getting hard to do. I don’t want to look like my 27 year old daughter, but I also don’t want to wear “frumpy” clothes. I’ve also started reading that as I age I shouldn’t wear black-which as an an 8 body shape , I wear a lot of black because it’s slimming. So I struggle daily with an inner voice that tells me I look ridiculous in a tiered dress with my jeans jacket, but I also love to have someone compliment me on my outfit and don’t want to wear “old lady clothes”. I’m not even sure where to shop anymore as nothing fits correctly. My staples are Talbots and Loft, but I’m afraid Loft is getting too young for me

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