255: Colour and Style Q&A: Colour contrast dominant vs value contrast dominant, getting out of the rut, and some clothing recommendations.

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0.08 I read your post Are you colour contrast dominant or value contrast dominant and I just wonder if you can be value contrast dominant although your ideal value contrast is medium? I believe I am medium contrast and I think my features are all neutrals. I do have green in my eyes, (hazel) but if you don’t look closely in daylight they appear brown. My hair is neutral and I think my skin is neutral too. In your category of equal colour and value contrast dominance there are women with medium value contrast and one coloured feature. But what if you have medium value contrast and neutral features?
2.26 My biggest style challenge is getting out of the rut I’m in with my clothes – I feel like my clothes are boring, dull and lack imagination and creativity. I find myself going to the same old stores buying more of the same things because I don’t know how to put together an outfit that feels like me and has that special quality about it that takes it to the next level without feeling like it’s over the top. I took your quiz and my base personal style is Classic which I agree with but I’m finding it incredibly boring lately and while I do dress in color – I’ve been draped as a Bright Spring – my outfits still feel a bit stale and lifeless.
8.47 After having my children, I seem to have wound permanently pregnant shaped in my 30s.
Which means that (a) I keep getting asked some version of “when are you due” and (b) it makes interviewing very difficult because of the assumption that I must be pregnant.
Or (c) if I try to dress to camouflage my protruding stomach, people seem to instantly assume I’m at least 10 years older than I actually am.
Would you please recommend some clothing styles that would work for someone petite, creative (but in a business setting), and will let me look my age or younger?

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