236: Colour and Style Q&A: Retired, Petite, and Casual.

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0.08 I’m retired, have a large bust and am petite plus have lymphedema so need compression stockings – I find it hard to find attractive clothes that work for me It’s a struggle to find items I like.
5.05 I am a petite O and recently bought a summery print skirt that is the right length ( top of my knee) according to your formula. I wore it with a solid knit top again the right length ( high hip, just covering the fullest part of my belly), but I see they are just about equal in length! Do I just go with it or do you have another thought?
6.37 I’m retired and have nothing between more formal corporate clothes and super casual as my life is now very casual and doesn’t suit the classic/formal clothing style I’ve been living in for many years and some guidance is needed!


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