235: Colour and Style Q&A: Wardrobe capsule, H shape, and dressing youthful.

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0.10 How do I get a capsule together: I have quite a few orphan tops that only go with pants. Jackets don’t complement either, it’s all a bit haphazard – any tips?
3.59 I’m an overweight H shape (possibly O right now!) and it has become clear that my hips and legs stay relatively slim. I know a bit about how to hide a tummy, but I’m wondering, on the positive side, how do I highlight my hips and legs without creating an imbalanced look
6.07 My biggest challenge is my age! I will be 86 in September and find that most of the clothing available in my town is too youthful, that is: short dresses, low cut or clingy tops – how do I find clothes online?


Building Your Wardrobe Capsule

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Dressing the H Shape body

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The Best Clothing Alterations Based on Your Body Shape

Dressing Youthfully

7 Easy Ways to Dressing Youthfully but Not Too Young

The Truth About How Ageing Actually Affects Your Style

How Your Colouring Changes as You Age

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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