Be Pinspired – Weekend Style Challenge


Be Pinspired - create an outfit from some Pinterest Inspiration


What is Pinspiration?  It’s outfit inspiration gleaned from Pinterest.

Did you read my post about how to get fabulous outfit inspiration with my easy Pinterest Hack?

This weekend your style challenge is to use Pinterest to create an outfit – based around something in your wardrobe.

My teal outfit is accessorized by a necklace that I made.


My necklace was inspired by a necklace I saw on Pinterest.  It was made from rubber and felt.  Mine is made from leather and pom-poms.

Leather and pom pom necklace - Pinspired

Share your inspiration and your version over on the Style Lounge Facebook Group. I’d love to see your interpretation.

Share your outfits over on the Facebook Style Lounge and on Instagram (tag me @insideoutstyleblog #insideoutstyle).

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