Want to Become a Personal Stylist or Image and Colour Consultant?


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Ever Thought About Becoming a Personal Stylist?

If you’ve often thought that you ‘d love to do what I do, and that helping people find confidence and improve their self-esteem using the tools of image is something that you think is valuable, then now is the time to take some action and do the training required to turn your passion into a career.

I keep our class sizes very small so you get lots of attention (many trainers have large groups and you just won’t get the personal attention you need).  Plus  include a 12 month mentoring program after your training to ensure that you succeed.

The classroom training is experiential as well as theoretical, so you get to practice your skills on real clients (not just classmates pretending to be the client), so you leave the course having a full understanding of how it works in practice, not just theory.

This is not a basic 3 or 4 day course which gives you an overview, but not the skills you need to really work well with a variety of clients.  You will get to understand all the aspects of image that you need to provide a holistic and thorough consultation, not just dressing your client in the latest trend.

Personal Stylist, Personal Colour Analysis and Image Consultant training with Imogen Lamport of the Academy of Professional Image www.aopi.com.au online and classroom training available

Of course, I will tell you that the training program is great, but I know from the feedback received (and I’ve ‘retrained’ a number of stylists and consultants who had trained with others first, but just didn’t get the thorough information or training that they really needed to succeed) that our training is grounded in the science of colour and style and truly comprehensive.  Read and watch some testimonials from our past students.

Personal Stylist and Personal Colour Analysis Training

Discover our current training calendar here.

See full pricing and payment plan options here and book your place today.

And of course if you can’t make it to Melbourne, then I have an online training program that can be done from anywhere in the world!    Discover our online personal stylist program and make the decision that 2017 is the year you’re going to do the training.

Please do contact me if you have any questions or queries or are interested in doing the training.


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  • Imogen,

    If you do the full distance training – do you also get the tools which you describe on the page, such as the style guides for men and women, the tools for finding glass and face shape? What about the colour online course – do you know afterwards the differences of the different colour groups and do you have access to the colour guides? I guess you can only buy the drapes if you also did the drape practical? Is that so?


    • Distance training – you can purchase style guides (as all our students can) once you’ve completed the training to use with your clients. Or you can join our InStyle Member program http://aopi.com.au/academy-of-professional-image-member-program/ which has an annual fee and you can then download and print as many as you like. We can send you the face shape/glasses tools. The colour guides are part of the practical colour training kit so don’t come with the colour theory. If you choose to do the practical colour training – we will be in the USA in August this year and if we have interest will run a practical course for our students there) then you get the kit with everything in it.

  • I am still interested in the LA training. Is that raining happening for sure? Please let me know the details when you have them. I so look forward to working with you.

  • Hello Imogen,
    I want to do the training.
    What is possible for me if I am in Montreal, Canada? Can I have online courses? When is it starting?

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