If You Could Only Wear One Colour What Would it Be?


I read this article in NY Magazine about a woman who only wears blue and it made me think…

If you could only wear one colour for the next year, what colour would you choose?

For me it would be blue.  But I couldn’t limit myself to just one shade of blue, there would be light and dark blues along with a lovely medium sky blue.  I’d also venture to the warmer teal blues through to the cooler periwinkle blues.

Imogen Lamport 40 plus style blogger www.insideoutstyleblog.com

Why blue for me?

Well it’s a signature colour and brings out my blue eyes.

come alive with colour - discover the profound impact of colour and why you should wear itIt flatters me and it has a calm presence.

I already wear lots of it and could happily wear it day after day.

Playing with colour schemes - monochromatic


Blue is the world’s favourite colour – I believe because it’s the colour of the sky on a beautiful day and that makes all of us feel good.  If you want to know more about the psychology of blue read this post.

Blue lace necklace with blue patterned kimono

So tell me – if you could only wear one colour for the next year what would you choose?  And tell me how that colour makes you feel and what it means to you!




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  • I haven’t managed to find a consensus on my favourite colour is called – is it berry, burgundy, or wine? I’ve heard it called all of these. For me, it must be rich, sometimes more vibrant, sometimes a little deeper but it must be more on the pink side than the red – and never dull or dusty! I use texture and minimal accessories to add interest and it always feels a bit royal, a bit polished. As I always feel happier when I wear it, I have recently decided to slowly morph my wardrobe into staples of this colour. However, I’m not sure if will look too heavy when, say, summer comes around?

    Anyway, whilst the colour has been this season, I’m not taken by some of the trendier silhouettes. I just hope I’m not wasting my window of time to purchase a colour I have been (im)patiently chasing for years 🙂

    • You could even call it Maroon – colour naming is pretty arbitary except for the red, yellow, blue, green variety. Everything else is nuanced and you can call your favourite colour what you like!

    • Imogen, like you my favorite colour would be blue. Starting with my favourite and basic Inky navy, my version of black, through to sapphire, royal blue, and steely blue in winter. In summer I would add cobalt and maybe a bit of teal blue.

      In my mid 60s my Deep Winter colouring has faded just a little and with my grey hair and grey hazel eyes, these colours add a vibrancy and youthfulness to my face. They also better suit my more casual, retirement lifestyle.

  • Definitely reddish orange for me! I love those signature colors, they make me happy and I think they make me glow in a good way. I’ve been thinking about trying to limit my purchases of tops and dresses to that palette for a while and see what I come up with and how it feels. It would certainly better help focus my selection of neutrals for bottoms and shoes as well.

  • Blue for me too. When I wear blue, people compliment my blue eyes–which are hazel! And I love how I feel wearing blue. Sounds kinda hokey but I feel one with the sky and the ocean. I love the ocean, which can make people feel calm but also energized. The ocean is also restless and promises adventure and discovery, and danger.

  • Green has a grounded, calming effect for me, especially Olive, a color least chosen by most people, brings out beautiful coloring in my eyes and skin.

    More green tips, please!!
    Imogen, you are the best!
    A faithful fan,

  • All shades of orange for me, as long as I can pair it with some neutrals. Wearing head to toe orange has never occurred to me 😛 It’s the colour that suits me best and I also like to use it for decorating too. In my last apartment I had an orange bed cover, an orange curtain, an orange bathroom floor and orange accessories in the kitchen. I can’t have enough orange in my life! It makes me feel energised and positive.

  • Ah yes olive green for me too! A very challenging color to find most times. I find it very grounding and calming but also a color of growth and potential. Maybe it is the color for those of us with green eyes. I’d love more green tips and I do just what you do in blue – lots of shades of green.
    Thanks for all your suggestions,

  • I could easily wear navy blue forever. It suits me much better than black, is classic and traditional and makes me feel like I blend in (I don’t like to stand out in a crowd). As long as I could wear any color accessory, that is, since I like a little variety.

  • Greens: olive : both light and dark, evergreen, lead green, prints using all , and then my jewelry would all work and change the feel.. Of course I reality, I never chose One of anything – I would add to that rusts, chocolate brown / British tan , dk plum.

  • Living with spectacular views of Bass Strait in all its blue/grey shades intermixed with green country side, my home interior is blue paired with whites & green ‘touches’. But I really enjoy wearing black/grey/white shades with a bright statement accessory. I don’t think I could limit myself to one colour only.

  • Interesting article in NY Magazine. Looking into my closet, it looks like the only colour I wear is blue (and black, white and grey, but they are not actual colours). I think I ought to do a 7 steps program soon 🙂 I’d like to branch out a bit colour wise.

  • Like you, my favorite color also is blue. Reminds me of the blue sky on a sunny day as well as the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan. And I’ve also been told that blue clothing brings out the blue in my eyes. My favorite blues: indigo and periwinkle.

    For most of my life, navy was my base color. But in the last few years I’ve shifted from navy to black. Often it’s too hard to find certain items of clothing and accessories in navy. It’s also next to impossible to find clothes in the same color of navy. (This matters if I plan to wear two or three navy items together. For example, a navy cardigan with navy pants or trousers.) Black, on the other hand, is *easy.*

  • My colour would be forever the mix of green and blue. Teal, Cyan, Petrol, Turquoise, Aqua, or whatever names this colour has.

    Dark Petrol is my eye colour, so I get most compliments when wearing that. I usually cant wear very bright colours, but with turquoise, it somehow works. I have a almost neon shirt that gets me compliments… Every other colour must be muted or softer.

  • Definitely blue for me too. It’s calming, peaceful and tranquil. I seem to have some weird affinity with water, oceans, rivers etc, and the look of a tropical beach with it’s green palm trees, yellow sand and peaceful blue water is always relaxing to look at.

    Not all shades mind you, dark blues are a little too dark (so bottoms only) and lights and pastels a little too light for my skin tone. Turquoises, aquas, medium shades fit in with my style and while I have green eyes they have a slate blue ring around the outside, so it brings them out as well.

  • True red for me please. I wear a lot of neutrals but if I could only have one colour it would need to make me happy, look great, be vibrant and sing to my soul.

  • If I had to choose just one colour it would be varying shades of green. Olive green especially, Khaki, teal green and many others. Other colour/neutral that I love is varying shades of browns. My eyes too as other here are hazel.

    Thanks for your great website Imogen, very much appreciate the work that you put into it for us.

  • For me, it’s black. Definitely black. My wardrobe is filled with black, sometimes with white stripes or spots. Little punches of colour slip in here and there, but the base is always black. Sad, but true.

  • I have been buying fabrics to turn into “basics” and they are mostly some form of blue. I like myself in blue, from light to dark.

  • Another wine here! I have auburn hair and green eyes and it just works for me. I have found that people notice/comment if I wear a lot all at once. One time I was wearing a coat, bag, and boots all in wine and had just had my hair done and two separate people commented on how my coat matched my shoes and my bag and my hair! (I also have rainboots, a leather jacket, jeans, cords, shorts and skirts as well as various tops.) My second choice would be medium grey. It’s easy and great for winter and spring.

  • I am a purple girl lavender to dark.Mid purple sort of periwinkle is my favourite.Hasn’t been around the shops much lately tho so blue and grey have become my go to colours instead.

  • Teal, especially when it errs toward the cool side. It has been my favorite color for a long time, but sadly it tends to go in and out of fashion on a regular basis. My college dorm room was teal. Now I’m 40 and it’s back again. I told my husband that I should be very happy at 60, because it’ll be due for a resurgence then add well!

    Imogen, it took my reading one of your articles about reflecting our natural colors to realize that teal looks amazing on me. Who knew I had all of those colors in my eyes? Normally they just look blue-gray, but teal really makes them pop. I could wear it every day. Plus I find it to be a very calming color.

  • For me it would be blue……including aqua, turquoise, teals, and all warm blues as well as marine and sky blue.

  • If it’s to bring out my eye color, I better choose a kind of green… olive, loden or such. Works like a charm!
    BTW, you are looking good!! 🙂 And funny… I’ve seen necklaces at a local gift shop and I thought, Oh how Imogen would love these! Much like the ones you are wearing. 🙂

  • Orange! There are many items in my closet of varying shades of orange… Coral, watermelon, cantaloupe, bright orange. I love it all. It makes me feel energized!! The pinkish oranges (watermelon) look great with my fair skin and blonde hair.

  • I’d hate to just have one, but if I had to , green. So many different feelings in lime vs khaki, pine, grey-green, blue greens from acqua through greenish turquoise to teal. To me there’s the most variety in greens, and I love them all.

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