Embrace Your Body For a Better Life


I’m really excited to be sharing details about a new documentary all about body image. Apparently 90% of women dislike their bodies. They find them lacking. Not good enough. Not right.

I have experience this many times when talking to my clients in my image consulting/personal styling business.  Many find it difficult to even look at themselves in the mirror they dislike their bodies so much.

This is a really sad fact and one that I don’t want my daughter feeling about her body as she grows up and I’m sure you don’t want your daughter to feel that way either.

In fact I don’t want to feel that way about my body either (and I try hard not to, but it’s hard not to let the messages we are constantly bombarded with on mass media creep into my thoughts).

Rethink your body image and why you’ve taken on messages that you are not good enough, that there is something wrong with you.  I wrote only recently about Embracing the Body You Have Today.

Now, you may remember these photos – the before and after photos of Taryn Brumfitt that created a media storm globablly.

Embrace your body - Taryn Brumfitt documentary - positive body movement

Now Taryn, has created a documentary called Embrace to help women love their bodies.

Watch the Embrace documentary trailer.

You can find screening dates in Australia, USA and New Zealand here.

This is such an important message to share with all women.

Remember, you are perfect just the way you are!


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  • I’m not 100 percent happy with my weight. My body–I’m ok with it. In fact, at 61 years old, and with jiggly thighs and a puffy tummy, I still wear my bikinis to the beach and pool. So I guess I’m alright with me!
    I thank you for posting this. When my daughter was in her pre-teen years through high school, I forbade ANY fashion magazines in our home. I was, and still am incredibly angry at the fashion and beauty industries constant use of super thin models and celebrities.

    It disgusts me. I need to check out the screening dates here in the USA!

    Thank you!

  • Thank you Imogen – and Catherine. I found that I was much happier without “women’s” magazines too. Their messages about “empowerment” are nearly always belied by their imagery. Being healthy becomes all about how women look. Even the ones aimed at older women attempt to keep them in line by stressing “looking” young. Body shaming at all ages needs to go.

  • I’m a lecturer specializing in marketing and sales. Several times each year I explain to young adults how our society manipulates us into thinking we are “not enough”. The goal is to sell products and services and create / keep an unnaturally high level of consumption. The look of shocked realization on the faces of young men as well as women gives me hope that one day we’ll change. Every person on earth has many beautiful elements about them. One standard is silly.

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