Refashion Projects to Try Out This Weekend (or Next)


Refashion your old shirts, your too small dresses, your jackets into something better

Refashioning old garments is something that can be worth doing if you’re a little creative, or if the garment just isn’t quite right anymore. I’m currently attempting to refashion a leather skirt (hopefully it will work out, and then I’ll show you my efforts).

So if you’d like some refashioning inspiration here are some great blog posts to read.

The One Hour Dress – turn a corporate shirt and a maxi into a fabulous new dress.

Create a handy tote bag from an old leather jacket

Easy top refashion – make your top have a party from the back as well as the front

Got a dress that’s too short or needs sleeves? ¬†Check out this refashion idea.

Create your own Helmut Lang inspired blazer


Have you tried refashioning your old clothes or found any amazing tutorials?  Please share!

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  • Hello Imogen. Thanks very much for your ever-interesting and -inspiring site.

    Sometimes I try little alterations by hand. I’m fairly straight and shortwaisted, a small-busted H, I suppose, and being longlegged I’m used to making shorts from too-short crops etc. Recently I’ve altered necklines slightly. On a couple of scoop-necked tops that already had some gathering or puckering but were a little too low for me I put in a couple of rows of elastic thread at the back to raise the neckline and was very pleased, and now I’ve tried it on one that hadn’t had any gathering, and so far, so good. It’s good not to have to keep adusting or use that doublesided tape to keep the neck higher.

  • I have refashioned some clothes, and with other items just opened the seams and used the fabric to cut out something completely different. My proudest refashion used a white linen shirt with a wide eyelet border and scalloped hem, and a matching pair of white linen trousers. I had gained weight and could not button the shirt comfortably, plus I’d never liked the traditional collar. The pants had worn through at the inner thigh. I cut off the collar and the buttons and buttonholes with their facings, then cut a panel from one leg of the pants and gathered it lightly. I inserted the gathered panel between the shirt fronts, creating a square neckline. Of course the front panel is missing the scalloped and embroidered border at the hem, but it still looks great.

    • Your shirt sounds great – I love square or trapezoid necklines. I’ve taken out the extra layer inside the bust of a crossover empire top to insert across the inside of the V.

  • Sorry I have no pics. I recently refashioned a skirt that has been languishing in my closet for a couple of years now. It became too small for me some years ago but I kept it because I kept hoping I would finally fit into again and I was being proactive to make that hope happen. However, I gained some unexpected weight and did not want to give away the skirt. Thus, I set out to transform it. The skirt has gathered tiers, waistband and zipper. I removed the waistband, the zipper and took out the gathers, then resewed the tiers together. I made the ends of the tiers even at the side and sewed straight up the new side. I used the fabric from the waistband to make a casing for elastic and threaded elastic through the new casing.

    Voila! Now I have a flattering new skirt that used to be 2 sizes too small. It is comfy and I love it!

    I also refashioned a junior sized t shirt that was about a size too small. That was pretty easy. I took some contrasting fabric, cut out the side seams from bottom to sleeve opening in the arm, and then sewed the contrasting fabric. Sporty new T-shirt!

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