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8 blog posts to inspire your casual style


I totally dug Sally’s post on saying “Yes and …” and decided that I’d make it a theme for this weekend’s recommended reading roundup.

So why not take her advice and then use the following blog posts as inspiration for an outfit or two over the next week.    Please do share which you’re going to try out and how you go!

I’m sharing here how I wear my cropped grey leopard fluffy sweater, which is not the easiest item to wear as I’m an H shape, so lack a defined waist (and cropped styles cut you right cross the waist so can add unflattering horizontals if you’re not careful).

How to wear a cropped sweater when you don't have a defined waist

My tip is to wear a similar colour undertop to your bottom (here I’m all white, I also may do all navy or all black) and that extends down to your high hip level, it’s also close fitting (though you could try a loose fitting option too).  And then the baggier nature of the cropped sweater makes my waist look slimmer in comparison to the under top.

Here are the other 7 Casual Style Inspiration Post to Give You Some Ideas of What to Wear

Need to be the “cool mum” or just want an easy jeans outfit that’s comfortable?  Then check out Alison’s cool mum outfit.

Got a pair of tan knee high boots in your wardrobe and not sure what to wear them with?  Then check out Catherine’s 8 ways to wear tan boots.

Cherie shares a few of her autumn favourite outfits, some jeans, even a maxi skirt, so if you want some layering inspiration go check out her post.

Got a poncho or wrap you’re not sure how to style?  Then check out these blogger inspirations complied by Adrienne.

Kelly shows you how to wear oversized styles if you’re petite (and even if you’re not she’s got some great tips.

Think you have to be young to wear a moto style jacket? I think not and love how Mel styles hers two ways 

Finally, Lulu shares how to style a sleeveless puffa vest (cos I know lots of  you own one of those)

And if you want to get more inspiration then why not sign up for my 31 Day Evolve Your Style Challenge which will help you make better use of your wardrobe and get you out of your style rut! Sign up now and start having fun with your wardrobe.

Instagram is a great place to get outfit inspiration daily – so why not follow me there too!


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